How To Catch Redfish & Trout (Right After A Cold Front)

Many people trade in their fishing poles for a set of golf clubs or a hunting rifle in the winter.

And that’s great… for those of us still fishing!

When those first cold fronts start coming through, the boat ramps get less crowded, there are fewer jet skis on the water, and you’re less likely to find somebody already fishing in your spot.

And even better news is that the fishing can still be great!

As long as you know where to go.

And that’s exactly what Luke and I are talking about in this podcast.

We covered:

  • Where to find fish after a cold front (even if it’s really windy)
  • What the best lures to use at this time are and how to rig them for more strikes
  • What the biggest misconceptions people have about fishing in the winter are (and how these are holding them back from catching fish)
  • And much more

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How To Catch Fish After A Cold Front [VIDEO]

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How To Catch Fish After A Cold Front [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with Luke about catching fish after a cold front:

0:55 – What types of spots to fish after a cold front (and how they differ from spring, summer, and fall spots)

4:22 – How far fish are moving after a cold front (and what NOT to do after a cold front)

7:11 – A fun, new opportunity for you to get free Salt Strong swag and lures

8:20 – Dock fishing in the winter (and how to know which docks are most likely to hold big fish)

12:27 – Which lures to use when fishing under docks — and how to rig them

13:56 – Fishes’ winter vs. summer homes (when and how they move between them)

16:34 – How to quickly get the most up-to-date trends so you know where the fish are feeding this weekend

19:35 – Why winter might be the best season to go fishing

22:49 – Winter fishing lures and how to retrieve them

27:40 – A fun story about how we put these winter fishing tips into action and caught some nice redfish in a new spot (even though there was a ton of pressure on us)

Catching Redfish After A Cold Front [VIDEO]

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Taking it back to the early Salt Strong days!

As you can see in the on the water footage, the water is flat calm because we’re in a wind-protected spot.

But at 7:30 when we’re back at the ramp, the wind is ripping.

So if you’re fishing after a cold front, find those wind-protected areas!


luke simonds redfish

Are you excited for winter fishing yet?!

Even though many people put their fishing poles up for the winter, it can be a great time to catch fish if you just adjust your strategies accordingly.

Have any questions about catching fish in the winter?

Let me know down in the comments.

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3 years ago

get rid of the “like diamonds” reference…lame! don’t believe me, look at the other participant’s facial expressions on your podcast. otherwise great information, keep up the good work!

Gabe Huish
3 years ago

Great video guys…super helpful. Thanks.

Bob McArthur
3 years ago

What is the coldest temperature of water that redfish will stay in? I live in coastal Virginia around Va. Beach. We have had some cold days and nights the last two weeks. Fished yesterday and the warmest temperature I found was 48 degrees.
Thanks. Love Salt Strong Insider Club. Keep up the great work.

Gerald Doyle
3 years ago

watched your podcast on where to fish after a cold front on Thursday and went fishing on Fri. and tried to apply your info. We had a cold front earlier this week and the water temperature dropped to 62 degrees and found a mangrove point out out the wind with good current and a drop off to 10 feet, anchored up and and caught at least forty trout over the next four hours. I caught a ladyfish and cut it up and put it on a circle hook and threw it out to soak. Within fifteen minutes I caught a 38 inch snook I rebaited and threw it out again and caught a 25 inch tripletail.
Had a great day and thank you guys for all the information you are doing a great job.

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Gerald Doyle

How awesome Gerald! Thanks so much for sharing the great results with us… seeing feedback like this keeps us super-energized for making more videos!

3 years ago

Love you guys ! Joseph , love the way you prime us up definitely , you have the gift of gag ! Luke , let him be !! He brings a lots to the table !!! Luke , don’t change your approach on your presentation !! Keep it simple !!! God bless !!! Salt Strong !!!

David Hill
3 years ago

Keep up the “LIKE DIAMONDS” and the great advice videos. Merry Christmas Saltstrong Nation.

Teri Cranford
3 years ago

This has me wondering.🤔 We use depthfinders that also show water temperature. Is there a general correlation between water temperature and fishing depth? Could you almost make a chart of some kind showing if the water is X degrees then fish will most likely be at Y depth? That may be something that would be usable year round. Also, does air temperature matter to fish other than the effect it has on water temperature? Thanks!

Michael Connelly
3 years ago

Great job guys! I really enjoy the banter as well as the really good info! Cant wait to get on the water tomorrow!

Greg Batchelor
3 years ago

You guys just make fishing fun! Merry Christmas Saltstrong brothers, and fellow insiders!

Caden Kaufman
3 years ago

Thank you for the great article! Tight lines! Also tell Tony this is how to spell: A-T-T-R-A-X-X. Attraxx scented split tail please, please, please try! You will be pleased! Hard to find though.


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