How To Fish Docks For Redfish (Top Mistakes, Best Lures & More)


It’s dock fishing time!

One of our favorite types of spots to catch fish (especially in the winter) is docks.

We’ve caught tons of fish, including big redfish and snook, under docks and it’s one of our go-to types of spots if the weather is bad.

They’re great because they provide food and shelter for predator fish, plus you can usually find docks in areas that are protected from wind and rough waters.

But two of the biggest problems with fishing docks are:

  1. There can be hundreds of docks in a bay—how do you know which ones are likely to hold fish?
  2. Redfish and snook can easily break off inexperienced (and even professional) anglers on the pilings

In this podcast episode, I’ve brought on Tony and Luke to share some of their favorite tips for catching fish under docks, including:

  • Which docks are most likely to hold fish
  • The best lures to use under docks (and the weird trick Luke is using to catch more fish under them)
  • How to catch fish under docks from both boats and kayaks
  • The best times to fish docks—tides, seasons, etc.
  • The top mistakes anglers make when fishing under docks (Luke even pulls up a video of me making one of these mistakes)
  • How to position your boat and approach docks to catch more fish (and not spook them off)

We do quite a bit of showing online maps and videos in this episode so I’d definitely recommend you watch the video, but you can also listen to it by clicking the play button below the video, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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How To Fish Docks For Redfish [VIDEO]

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How To Fish Docks For Redfish [PODCAST]

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redfish under dock

I love having Tony and Luke on the podcast!

I always learn a lot about fishing from those two and I especially enjoyed Tony sharing an example of his favorite types of docks.

Have any questions about fishing docks?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who wants to catch more snook and redfish under docks, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jeff Krienke
4 years ago

once again a video, no comments on what you did
You have to know what you are going to talk about. you don’t just go out cold and ser what happens. write it down and post it.

Dale Carter
4 years ago

Great video! Tony, can you share with me/us the map that you used in your demonstration that shows the 3D angles?

Sean Shimmel
4 years ago

Always intriguing. Yet would love to hear success strategies and stories for those of us with no boats or kayaks 🙂

4 years ago


Eric Black
4 years ago

Good info, guys. Thanks! I’m actually heading out into the Peace River by Punta Gorda in the morning to fish some docks. Hopefully this will help me get some.

Dave Morales
4 years ago

Awesome video/report. I just got a Topwater 120 pdl and its a game-changer when it comes to fishing docks. I still get wrapped up but will try your tip of easing off and waiting on the fish to get off the dock. Thanks Guys

Robert Larson
4 years ago

Thanks for the info guys. I definitely want to fish more docks. On that first nice house that Tony was showing, when he zoomed in, I think I saw Tony on it looking up at us waving.

Adam Bailey
4 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for another great podcast. I like the current mix of on-the-water and studio podcasts, because they each have unique elements. I really like seeing you guys work for strikes on the boat or kayak (as if I’m tied up on the boat and can’t fish with you hahaha), and then get multiple examples of areas or a macro view from seeing clips and discussing a topic in the studio. Keep up the great work!

RJ Melehan
4 years ago

That house is just down the road from a house I built in the 70’s.
Quite the neighborhood. Quite the fishery…
Great job guys..

James Prescott
4 years ago

Great video guys!! As a kayak guy, I have been pulled into the dock after hookup! Love the tips on choosing docks! Luke, what kind of pedal kayak did you get? That may be my next big purchase!!

Luke Simonds
4 years ago
Reply to  James Prescott

Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment James! I got an Old Town Topwater PDL, and I have been very impressed with it.

Robert Larson
4 years ago
Reply to  James Prescott

Hey James, getting a pedal kayak will be a game changer. The Old Town Topwater PDL is the same kayak my buddy had when we were fishing at EG Simmons at the meet/greet. He loves his.


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