How To Catch Redfish Like A Pro [3 Shortcuts To Success]

Learn how to catch redfish like a pro quickly by discovering the 3 shortcuts to success. These 3 proven tips will help you catch redfish across all seasons.
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3 Reasons Artificial Lures Can Be Better Than Live Bait [Inshore Fishing]

Want to know how artificial lures can outfish live bait? Then check out these 3 critical advantages that skilled artificial anglers have over live baiters.
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How To Store A Sabiki Rig Without Getting Hooked Or Snagged [VIDEO]

Do you want to see the simple way to make sure a sabiki rig never hooks you or tangles up with your other gear again? Then check out this new video.
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Are You Making One Of These Mistakes When Fishing For Redfish?

Want to know the #1 reason you aren't catching as many redfish as you would like? Then take this redfish analysis and find out your "Redfish Skunk Factor"
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How To Choose The Best Hook For Soft Plastic Jerkbaits [Hook Comparison]

Want to know how to select the best possible hook for your soft plastic baits so that you can catch more fish with less effort? Then check out these hooks.
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How To Make A Sabiki Rig For Catching Bait [Quickest & Easiest Method]

Want to see how you can save money by making your own Sabiki rigs at home? Then check out this super simple method (plus two tips to catch more bait)
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Gandy Bridge (Sep’16)

I’m pleased to report that I was finally able to get back out on the water to explore some new territory… This trip was focused...
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How To Properly Launch Your Kayak In The Surf Without Flipping Over [VIDEO]

Do you want to see how to launch your kayak in a big surf on the beach like a pro? Then check out both the launch video and the return video here. Fish On!
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“My First Paddle Board Fishing Trip” by Nick Lytle

I finally did it. After hearing so much about the advantages of paddle board fishing, I finally gave it a shot. Here's what happened on my first SUP trip.
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Owner TwistLock Hook With Weighted Shank Review [VIDEO]

Do you want to see what could be the best soft plastic hook for inshore fishing ever made? Then check out this latest tackle review from Salt Strong.
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5 Snook Fishing Blogs That Will Make You A Better Snook Angler

Do you want to see the five of the best snook fishing "How To" blogs of all time? Then check out these amazing snook posts. Enjoy and fish on!
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How Well Do You Really Know Snook? Take This Snook Quiz And Find Out!

Do you want to see just how much you know about Snook fishing? Then take this quick Snook quiz to find out where you rank among other anglers. Fish On!
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How To Retrieve A Soft Plastic Jerk Bait For More Bites [Bonus Underwater Footage]

Want to know how to generate more strikes when fishing with soft plastic jerk baits? Then check out this article & video for extremely helpful tips.
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The GPS Coordinates Of Every Public Artificial Reef In Florida

Do you want the GPS coordinates of every single public artificial reef in Florida? Then click here to instantly download the excel file from the FWC.
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Temple Fork Outfitter Spinning Rod Independent Review [Video]

Looking for a top quality fishing rod? Well here's a post showing my thoughts on Temple Fork Outfitter's Limited Edition spinning rods for inshore fishing.
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