How to Tie The Bimini Twist Knot [Video]

Of all the knots out there, the Bimini Twist knot seems to be the one that intimidates people the most. However, it's actually simple... click to learn it.
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Infographic: Monofilament vs Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Check out this amazing infographic that compares Monofilament vs Fluorocarbon fishing line. There is more to it than just sinking vs floating line!
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Weedon Island (Apr-15)

This report shows details into two trips this week that included some very fun sight fishing for snook that were posted up on sandy bottoms.
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This Is The Trick To Avoid Berkley Gulp SHRINKAGE [VIDEO]

Do you want to discover an easy trick to make sure your expensive Berkley Gulp baits never shrivel up and shrink again? Then watch this.
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Placida, FL (Mar-15)

The video below shows a great spot in Placida Harbor (Gulf coast of FL) that is right across from the place we rented during our...
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Cast Net Care: How to Make Your Cast Net Last Longer [VIDEO]

Do you want to learn how to effectively maintain a cast net so you can get more fish catching out of your investment. Then check out this video.
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Inshore Fishing Manifesto – Your FREE Guide To More Snook, Redfish, and Trout

Discover the 3 Inshore Fishing Breakthroughs to catching more Snook, Redfish, and Trout in The Inshore Fishing Manifesto. Available for free (limited time)
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How to Rig a Live Pinfish for Catching Snook, Tarpon, & Grouper [VIDEO]

Want to see exactly how to rig a live pinfish to catch snook, tarpon, redfish, and grouper? Then watch this nice fish caught on the very first cast!
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How To Catch Pinfish For Bait Without A Net Or Trap [Video Tutorial]

How to Catch Pinfish - Some days it's simply too much of a hassle to catch pinfish with a cast net and you don't have the luxury of... click to continue.
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How To Throw A Big Cast Net Without Using Your Mouth [VIDEO]

Want to learn how to throw a big cast net? This video tutorial shows exactly how to throw a big cast without using your mouth - quick and easy method!
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A Quick Way To Clear Line Twists from Your Spinning Reel [VIDEO]

Are you aware of the Fishing Line Twist Eliminator? It is a very simple (yet effective) way to make sure you avoid line twists on your spinning reel
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How to Skip a Lure Under Mangroves and Docks [Video]

Once I learned how to effectively skip a lure under mangroves, I began being able to catch slot reds and snook more consistently with... click to continue.
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Best Fishing Knot for Braided Line to Swivel, Hook, or Lure

If you use a swivel to connect braided line to your leader, then it’s essential to have the best fishing knot for braided line because... click to continue.
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Best Fishing Knot for Leader to Hook Connection [Snug Style]

Finally, a "best fishing knot contest" to find the best leader to hook knot for saltwater anglers. Learn which one is best and see exactly how to tie it.
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