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How To Cast A Spinning Reel

how to cast a spinning reel

Of all the various fishing reels on the market today, spinning reels are one of the most widely used of all.

They can be very effective in almost all types of inshore fishing environments and can effectively handle casting lures of all sizes/weights.

But many beginners do not work them effectively which can cause a lot of frustration.

So this video was made to explain exactly how spinning reels work as well as how to most effectively cast them so that you can get the most distance with the least amount of effort.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video below:

  1. Basic mechanics of a spinning reel
  2. Importance of “trigger finger” placement
  3. Proper grip placement
  4. How to cast a spinning reel
  5. How to troubleshoot casting issues

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Spinning reels are know to be the most useful of all fishing reels, but it’s essential to learn the proper mechanics on how they work and how to cast them so that your day of fishing goes as smoothly as possible.

The good news is that the casting needs for spinning reels are easy once learned… it just takes knowing exactly how they work and how to troubleshoot problems.

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Marsha Stallings
1 year ago

Can you talk a little more about drag. What exactly what it is, should be and what it does.
Yes, total beginner with spinning rods
Might go back to casting course and ask this.

Larry Brantley
3 years ago

How do you cast a conventional reel????

Gerardo Zamora
3 years ago

I’m used to casting out with my left hand and reeling in with my right hand. Are spinning reels mainly designed to cast out with the right hand and reel in with the left? Should I change my tactics or stick with what I’m used to? I tried switching the last time I went fishing but it felt so awkward and could not cast out well. I always switch the arm to the right side every time I buy a new spinning reel.