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How to Tie the Albright Special Knot [Step-by-Step & Video Tutorial]

See the best and strongest way to tie the Albright Special Knot, where it originates and what fishing situations you should use it for.
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How to Tie the King Sling Loop Knot (Video & Step-by-Step)

See how to tie the king sling loop knot, what type of fishing the king sling knot is best for and how to use it for braid and terminal tackle.
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How To Tie The Surgeon’s Loop Knot On Braid [Strongest Method]

Wondering how to tie the Surgeon's Loop knot for with braid in addition to how it's strength compares to the other popular braid doubling options? You'll see that and more in this post (including a detailed "How to tie the Surgeon's Loop Knot" video.
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FG Knot Vs. The Bimini Twist [Strength Test]

Want to see which knot is stronger? The FG Knot or the Bimini Twist? Find out why I was completely surprised by the results in this knot contest.
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Do You Make This Mistake Tying The FG Knot?

Want to know the #1 FG knot mistake that is costing angler lots of money, lost fish, and irritation? Then check out this quick (but critical) FG knot tip.
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Best Fishing Knot for Braided Line [Braid to Leader Contest]

Want to learn the best fishing knot for braided line fishing line? Well you're going to love this best-of-the-best fishing knot analysis... just click here.
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How to Tie a Double Uni Knot

Learn how to tie a double uni knot in this educational video. In it, you'll see that standard knot and then a special alteration for braided line.
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