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Regional Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Jan. 20-22]

We’re EXCITED to bring you this week’s edition of Regional Weekend Game Plans!! Special thanks to Blakely Dye from Fort Hood, Texas for posting the...
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Finding Feeding Zones After A Severe Cold Front Report

This report shows some fun fishing action from this past Saturday when I joined an Insider Meetup that was scheduled in the Community.
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Dodging The Skunk In Tough Winter Conditions

In the past few weeks, I’ve covered fishing for trout during pre-frontal and post-frontal conditions. I talk about these a lot as fantastic opportunities to...
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Terrible Day = 5 Valuable Lessons in 5 Minutes [Insider Report]

It is true…coaches do NOT always catch a ton of fish. And sometimes we don’t catch any. I caught that skunk while targeting blackfish with...
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Perfect Example Of Pre-Frontal 90/10 Recipe [Insider Report]

In this report, I was actually going to the water to film some fishing tips for the Insiders but I noticed a perfect scenario lining...
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Fishing A Local Tournament w/ Insider Davis Dodson

I was recently able to join a member to do some fishing… but we were fishing a tournament in some strange and tough conditions. It...
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Getting Skunked In The Winter – Lessons Learned [Insider Report]

Not all trips are going to be banner days – we all get skunked! What you have to do is learn from those trips to...
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Pre-Cold Front Speckled Trout Fishing With An Insider Member! [Insider Report]

The wind was whistling on the ICW but not in this area and for that reason, I stuck it out! On this day I met...
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Overlooked Speckled Trout Winter Fishing Spots

This video shows an excellent example of one of the most OVERLOOKED speckled trout winter fishing spots! Moreover, this trip is extra...
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Popping Cork Experiment: Oval VS Cup Shape [Is There A Difference?]

Oval VS Cup Shape Popping Cork Experiment: Does the shape matter? With a storm brewing, I thought it would be a good idea to get out...
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How To Catch More Speckled Trout From A School

Here's how you can maximize your catch rate to reel in more speckled trout from a school. The last thing you want to do is completely...
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Speckled Trout Bonanza Before A Major Storm

We got it right just in time for a speckled trout BONANZA before a major storm swept through Texas! I had the opportunity to go wade...
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Skunky Smell + Bait Experiment = Solid Day [Insider Report]

For this Insider Report, I head to southern New Jersey to fish the Tuckahoe River in search of white perch. My pre-trip plan very quickly...
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Where To Fish On A Foggy Day After A Night Of Rain! [Insider Report]

The fog was in the air and I could only see about 20 feet out at sunrise! With some moving and jumping bait though, I...
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Battling Negative Tides & Thick Fog In New Areas [Insider Report]

I was on the road not long ago in preparation to fish a tournament.  I had no idea what the layout would be like once...
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