This Is A Dependable Strategy For Catching Slams After Cold Fronts

Cold fronts are starting to roll in, so it's essential to be able to adjust your strategy to handle post-cold front conditions. This one works great.
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Hot Weather With Low Winds & Clear Skies [Insider Report]

We traveled across the state to Grant, FL this week in order to film a new fishing course. I of course brought my fishing gear to fish in between shots.
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How To Target And Catch Flounder Around Docks (With Capt. CA Richardson)

Want to know how the pros target flounder around docks? Then check out this new Insider tip from Capt. CA Richardson. Tight lines.
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Bucktail vs. Berkley Gulp In Some Of The Most Amazing Underwater Flounder Footage!

Want to see how a Berkley Gulp bait compared to a white bucktail jig when it comes to catching flounder? Then check out this unbelievable flounder footage!
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3 Tips For Catching Flounder On Artificial Lures

Want to know how to catch more flounder using artificial lures? Then check out this latest post on how to land more flounder using soft plastic lures.
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How Well Do You Really Know The Flounder? Take This QUIZ And Find Out!

Can You Answer All Ten Of These Flounder Questions Correctly? Take this quick flounder quiz and see how you stack up against other anglers!
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How You Can Catch More Inshore Slams In Just 3 Hours Guaranteed!

Do you want to catch more inshore fish in less time, save money, save time, & never have to worry about live bait again? Then check out this fishing course!
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How To Catch More Flounder With This Paddletail Lure [VIDEO]

Do you want to know one of the all-time best artificial lures that I have found for catching Flounder? Then watch this flounder tutorial video.
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How To Clean Flounder & Halibut Like A Pro! [Video]

Do you want to find out how the pros make sure to get every last ounce of meat from a flounder or halibut? Then check out these awesome fish cleaning tips!
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