Kayak Fishing

How To Capture Amazing “Fish Selfies” When You Fish Alone

Want to discover the trick to taking perfect fish pictures even when fishing by yourself? This tip even gives the fish a better chance of survival. Enjoy!
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How To Catch Black Drum Using Sand Fleas [VIDEO]

Want to see the exact steps to catch consistent inshore black drum using sand fleas? Then check out this new video tutorial. Enjoy.
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Kayak Safety Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Safe Kayaking

Want to see the ultimate kayak safety blog post? Here is your one-stop blog for everything you could even need to know about kayak safety. Enjoy!
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5 Things Anglers Regret Not Knowing When They First Start Kayak Fishing

Want to know some of the biggest mistakes kayak anglers make (and wish someone had warned them)? Then check out these 5 things to avoid.
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How To Stand Up In A Kayak The Simple Way [VIDEO]

Do you want to see a simple way to master the art of standing up and fishing from your kayak? Here are some of the best tips from my experience.
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How To Rig A Kayak Grapnel “Grapple” Anchor Like A Pro [VIDEO]

Do you want to see a cool trick on rigging a breakaway grapnel anchor? Then check out these two tips on best anchor practices. Tight Lines!
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