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47″ Bull Redfish on Custom “Slam Shady” Color Zman MinnowZ [Full Report + Trends and Map Analysis]

This was my first time trying out our new custom “Slam Shady” color of the Zman MinnowZ soft plastics, and it didn’t disappoint! Was able...
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Gator Trout Slam and Summer Tactics [On the Water Trip Report w/ Map Footage]

In this report I was able to catch a slam (redfish, trout, snook) and also jump a few small tarpon. The catch of the day was a nice 27" gator trout.
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Before You Buy A Used Kayak Or Paddleboard, Read This

Are you looking to get a kayak or paddleboard? You can usually get a great deal on a used one, but first, check out these 6 tips to find a good one.
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Quick & Easy Way To Land More Fish When Using A Topwater Lure

Do fish keep missing your topwater lure? Check out this simple trick to catch them. Once you've identified where they are, all you need to do is...
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How Storms Can Affect Inshore Fish Behavior [Insider Q & A]

In this Q & A video, I will be discussing how storms can change fish behavior and when you should take advantage of fishing around storms.
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3 Tips To Find Feeding Inshore Fish (Even In Bad Weather)

Just because the weather is bad doesn't mean the fishing has to be. Check out these 3 tips to catch fish even in tough weather.
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Insider Tip Q & A: How to Get the Most Accurate Wind Forecast

We had a question come in on how to go about checking wind conditions and getting an accurate forecast to plan a trip. In this...
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Vibe Maverick 120 Paddleboard Review: Specs, Pros & Cons

Thinking about getting the Vibe Maverick 120 paddleboard? Check out this review where we share the specs and top pros and cons of this board.
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The Secret To Fishing Remote Areas Nobody Else Can Reach [Mothership Trip]

Want to fish where nobody else can? The secret is a mothership trip. Check out this video for how you can fish remote areas nobody else can reach.
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Kaku Kahuna Paddleboard Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

Looking to get a new paddleboard? Check out this video where I break down the top three pros and cons of the Kaku Kahuna.
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5 Steps To Take Amazing Fish Pictures

Love showing off your catch? Check out this post to learn how to take the perfect fish picture on your kayak, paddleboard or even boat. Enjoy!
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3 Tips To Catch Redfish & Snook Before A Cold Front When Paddle Fishing

Want to catch more redfish and snook? Check out these tips to fishing the backcountry on a windy day before a cold front.
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The “Last Second” Fishing Trip Strategy [Exploring Biscayne Bay]

Want to see my three tricks to finding productive fishing spots last second? Then check out this recent trip to Biscayne Bay (and see what I caught).
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How To Fish Shallow Backwater Creeks [Real Time Example from St. Petersburg, FL]

Want to see one of the best ways to target redfish, snook, and trout during the winter? Then check out this backwater creek fishing trip! Enjoy!
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How To Catch A Redfish After A Missed Strike (VIDEO)

Want to see a great tip on getting a quick shot at another redfish right after you miss a strike? Then check out this new video tip. Enjoy!
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