Simple Tip For Catching Picky Fish (Works With Live Bait Or Lures)


Have you ever found yourself in this scenario?

You’ve found a school of feeding fish…

You’re so excited that you’re about to land a big one…

But when threw your lure or bait at them, they completely ignored it.

Most anglers struggle with the first part: finding feeding fish.

But once that mission is accomplished, then comes part two: actually getting them to eat.

In this video, I’ll show you how I found myself in this exact situation, but eventually got one to eat.

And it wasn’t just your average redfish, it was a +40″ giant!

Check out the video below.

Getting Picky Fish To Eat [VIDEO]

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If you’ve done the hard work of finding the fish, next comes the fun (but potentially frustrating) part of getting them to bite.

Normally, I stick with one or two lures, but in this case, this fish just was not interested.

First, I tried a gulp jerk shad, which I had just caught a redfish from this school with.

I had no luck with it a second time, so I switched to a Chasebaits USA Crusty Crab.

Again, no luck, so I switched to a gulp shrimp and finally got her to bite.

If you’ve found fish, but they don’t want to bite, here are two tips to try to convince them:

  1. Switch from artificial lures to live bait, or vice versa
  2. Switch sizes and/or profiles of lures (i.e. switch from a jerk shad to a shrimp)


catching bull redfish

If you’ve found the feeding fish, but they’re not interested in your bait or lure, switch it up!

Throw a live shrimp or pinfish if you’re throwing lures, or try a jerk shad or artificial shrimp if they’re not hitting your live bait.

Or if you’re sticking with lures, change the size or profile of your lure.

Have any questions about catching picky fish?

Let me know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Thank you for the video. I found it very, very helpful. I do have trouble getting fish to bite and this I’m sure will help in the future. Please keep posting your videos.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea I always have a wide variety of lures in both sizes in length and weight especially in winter not so much in summer or spring but winter it is pertinent great video thanks for all you do????

David Stoots
1 year ago

Good suggestions. I have encountered schools of juvenile tarpon feasting on mullet. After trying numerous casts with a DOA Bait Buster (looks just like a finger mullet), I switched to a DOA TerroEyz. Some times the bait is so bountiful that the fish won’t eat unless the bait looks a bit different.


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