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Paddletail Lure Casting Contest [What Size Casts The Farthest?]

In this Paddletail Lure Casting Contest - what size lure will cast the farthest??? I was interested to see if there was any difference in...
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This Is Why I Use Weedless Lures So Frequently [Underwater Footage]

This quick video shows the value of using weedless lures when fishing areas with either floating debris or underwater structure.
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The Slam Shady 2.0 Vs. The Mulligan [Pros & Cons]

This lure comparison lesson will show when you should use a lure like the 2.0 vs. the bigger Mulligan for inshore saltwater fishing.
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Does Scent Really Matter To Fish? Wild Fish Scent Study Results!

Does scent really matter to fish??? What effect does scent have on your lure choice, bait choice, etc.?! Find out in this...
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Introducing The New Gold Digger Jerk Lure For Winter Fishing

The new Gold Digger Jerk is highlighted in this post so you can see which situations you should consider for using this new lure.
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This Was The Best Cobia Bite Of My Life [Nearshore Fishing]

This fishing report shows the best cobia bite I have ever experienced. Best of all, it was on a new weedless shrimp jig that I was testing.
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Soft Plastic Lure Mend Experiment [Results From On-The-Water Test]

After some on-the-water testing, it's time to reveal the Soft Plastic Lure Mend Experiment Results! I conducted an experiment to see...
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Soft Plastic Lure Mend Test: Spike It Fix-A-Lure VS Mend-It

I'm going to try something a little different and show you guys a recent soft plastic lure mend test I did with the NEW F.R.E.D...
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How To Catch MORE Speckled Trout On Artificial Shrimp Lures

In this video, you'll see a few ways to catch MORE trout on artificial shrimp lures!! Live bait is useful but artificial lures let you...
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NEW Artificial Crab Lure In The Shop!! [Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Review]

They're now in the shop, so here's the Z-Man Kicker CrabZ Review!!! This won the award for the Best Saltwater Soft Plastic Lure at iCast...
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BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [Gold Digger VS. Slam Shady]

I shook things up and conducted a BOMBER Paddletail lure color test in my last Insider Report! Will the Gold Digger or Slam Shady perform...
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This Lure Retrieve Works Extremely Well For Tarpon [Fishing Report]

This lure retrieve for tarpon proved to work great once again by getting a new record amount of strikes with some cool jumps captured on film.
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Artificial Shrimp Lure OUTPERFORMS Live Shrimp [Fishing Report]

Can there ever be a scenario where an artificial shrimp lure outperforms live shrimp?Right now and in the coming weeks, there are tons of...
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Power Prawn USA Experiment: Rattles VS. No Rattles [Plus BOMBER Comparison!]

I'm back with an on-the-water Power Prawn USA Rattles Experiment!! This time I wanted to find out more about the impact Battle Rattles...
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Catching Snook From The Beach With Lures [Insider Report]

This lesson shows how to catch snook along the beach with lures along with tricks in finding the best sections of the beach to target.
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