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Lure Experiment Insider Report: Rattles & Shrimp Vs. Paddletail

This insider report shows helpful tips on how to generate strikes from snook and trout even on days with weak tides and finicky fish.
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Four Horsemen Popping Corks Review

We've been using them so much lately, that I figured I'd make a Four Horsemen Popping Corks Review!! Popping corks are a great way to...
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Z-Man Slam Shady TRD iCast Showcase [Evolution Of Slam Shady]

We're here talking about the Z-Man Slam Shady Finesse TRD at iCast!! We met up with Glenn Young, the National Sales Manager for Z-Man...
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Strike King KVD Wake Bait Review

The Strike King Wake Bait has become one of my favorite lures for inshore saltwater fishing! Traditionally, this lure has been mostly used...
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DOA Shrimp vs. Power Prawn USA [Round 2 Insider Report]

This insider report shows a fun lure test between the DOA shrimp and the Power Prawn USA Jr for targeting slams in shallow water.
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DOA Shrimp VS. Power Prawn USA Jr. [Round 1 & 2 Experiments]

Today's Battle: DOA Shrimp vs Power Prawn USA Jr. In this video, we are testing out the DOA and the Power Prawn U.S.A. Shrimp lures to see...
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Use This Timeless Topwater Lure If You Are Struggling To Get Strikes

If you are struggling to trigger any topwater bites, then give this timeless topwater lure a try! The Rattlin' Chug Bug has been around...
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DOA Shrimp vs. Power Prawn USA Jr [First Round Experiment]

This Insider Report shows a fun trip in which the DOA shrimp and the Power Prawn USA Junior were put in a head-to-head matchup. The...
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This New Shrimp Lure Crushed The Nearshore Reef Fish

This new shrimp lure for nearshore reefs has proven to be great for a wide variety of reef species including cobia, grouper, and tripletail.
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Shrimp Lure Size, Color, & Rigging Selection Tips [What Actually Matters]

Choosing the right shrimp lure size, color, and rigging is crucial for consistently catching fish. This lesson explains how to easily do it.
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The Power Prawn USA Junior Lure Is HERE! [New Lure]

The Power Prawn USA Junior lures are in stock and ready for some fun fish catching. See the video on this page to see these great lures.
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Why This Topwater Lure Is A Must Have In Your Spring Tackle Box

Recently, we upgraded the Salt Strong Moonwalker topwater lure to include every possible feature any inshore angler would want...
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Skip Casting Shrimp Lure Under Docks For Redfish And Snook

This fun video shows how much fun skip casting a shrimp lure under docks can be for catching redfish and snook.
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Easy To Use Shrimp Lure For Big Redfish In Shallow Water

This video shows the easiest way to use a shrimp lure in shallow water for big redfish, snook, and seatrout [fun on-the-water video lesson]
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Artificial Shrimp Lure Analysis [Power Prawn VS. Vudu/Live Target/Etc.]

This video explains the top pros and cons of many of the top shrimp lures for saltwater anglers. You’ll see which lures to get for...
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