Weekly Newsletter: 3-8-20

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It’s Newsletter time!!

I hope you were able to get out on the water and catch some fish this week.

It was a huge week at Salt Strong with the launch of the Slam Shady 2.0 (which sold out in just three days!!!) and the release of my new book, The Chair!

You can read more about The Chair here, but just know that it’s a fictional story where Daniel, a young man who is often overlooked due to his “disability,” ends up having to face his biggest fears in order to save the world.

Daniel is our younger brother who has severe cerebral palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair all his life, and all the profits from the book sales will go towards our fishing theme park (which will help disabled kids go fishing).

Alright, now in this week’s newsletter we’ve got some amazing tips like how to catch sheepshead with artificial lures, how to catch huge tarpon and snook from land, and much more!


P.S. Big shoutout to Insider member, Scotty, for getting on these monster Louisiana redfish and setting a new personal best!

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How To Catch Sheepshead Without Live Bait (LIVE Video)

Want to catch big sheepshead on artificial lures? It's possible and in this video we're going to show you how, where, and on what lures we're catching them.
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North Carolina’s Gill Net Problem (And How We Can Fix It Together)

North Carolina's fisheries are in trouble. We're destroying our fisheries with gill nets and if we don't do something about it soon, we may not have a...
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Sheepshead Tips and Tactics [Mini-Course]

It’s sheepshead time! We have a lot of content on sheepshead, so we decided to put all of the best info into one easy access...
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Fishing Bridges Using Side Imaging For Huge Black Drum [Insider Report]

This report will include a great demonstration of using your side imaging machine to locate and catch fish. You will see what a large school...
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How To Fillet Spanish Mackerel (And Get Rid Of The Fishy Taste)

Want to know how to fillet Spanish mackerel and get the "fishy" taste out? Learn how to clean them step by step for delicious fish fillets.
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How A Teenage Boy In A Wheelchair Saved The World…

This book could be one of the best fictional reads of the year! You'll certainly get sucked in as a disabled teenager finds a lost world and must face his..
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For This Weekend [March 6th – 8th]

This video shows the types of spots that will be holding the most redfish, seatrout, flounder, and snook based on the cold front that's pushing through.
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How To Catch Monster Snook, Redfish & Tarpon On Foot

Do you want to catch huge redfish, snook and tarpon from shore? Draggrunningjunkie is sharing tons of tips and secrets to help you land a new personal best.
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson, Q&A, And Related Links [3-5-20]

This Inner Circle call revealed the latest tactics and strategies that have been working for redfish, trout, snook, and black drum!
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How To Tie Your Boat To A Dock Piling (The Bowline Knot)

Do you ever need to tie your boat to a dock piling without a cleat? The bowline knot is a great knot for this scenario because it's strong, easy, and...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Ryan Shamus

Check out this awesome father-son fishing trip story where they had a blast on the water and caught a ton of fish. Plus, see how Ryan has...
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How To Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It…

Wow! What a powerful story! After hitting rock bottom (losing a loved one, losing a business, depression, suicide thoughts), Kamal Ravikant found the answer
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Finding Ideal Feeding Zones – South To Mid Atlantic Region [Swansboro, NC Example]

This Spot Dissection will cover what to look for along the Atlantic Coast to find ideal feeding zones. Keep in mind these spot dissections can...
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Boat Fender Tips: How To Raft-Up Boats The Right Way

Rafting up boats with a boat fender is pretty straightforward, but there's one big mistake that most people make with boat fenders. See what it is here.
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