You Only Have 1,976 Sundays Left In Life… How Do You Use Them?


If you only had $1,976 to your name, would you waste it?

Of course not!

You’d savor every last dollar, right?

If you’re anything like me you’d be incredibly safe with how you spent every last buck!

Well did you know that if you’re currently 40 years old, you only have 1,976 Sundays left in life?

And that’s assuming you’re average!

For every one of us how lives past the average life expectancy of 78 years old (here in America), one of us will pass away before that.

Here are the amount of Sundays you have left based on your current age (assuming you live until 78):

  • 40 years old today… 1,976 Sundays left
  • 50 years old today… 1,456 Sundays left
  • 60 years old today… 936 Sundays left
  • 70 years old today… 416 Sundays left

Now I’m not sharing this to scare anyone…

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

I’m sharing this to remind everyone (especially myself) just how precious every day is.

I’m sharing this to remind us just how important it is to maximize your day… become who God created you to be… take risks… live life to the fullest… LOVE like you’ve never loved before.

I also put together some of my thoughts on this that I’ll think you’ll really enjoy.

Listen below.

You Only Have 1,976 Sundays Left In Life… [PODCAST]


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1 year ago

Joe, A great and unique way to think about the time we have left. And the best way to use that time. Great thoughts. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

Julie Moore
1 year ago

Great thoughts Joe! I think I’ll share this in our family morning Bible study. I was reviewing the passage from Slate’s sermon yesterday in
I John 2:6, “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Christ did.” I think this is a life fulfilled…the best life…and on that Day, we can know we lived out everything He created us to be.
Thank you for displaying a life for Christ in our community!


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