The 4 Steps To Quickly Getting Out Of Any Rut In Life


I hate a love/hate relationship with ruts in life…

Even though we all know that hitting a rut in life or going through a horrible time in life is usually something that will ultimately empower us, grow us, and makes us stronger in the long run, no one in their right mind wishes for bad times.


As we discussed two weeks ago, it can be incredibly hard to understand why God (who is supposed to be loving), let’s bad things happen to us.

So in this week’s Unchurched episode, I unpack the 4 things that have proven to help me get out of a rut with almost 100% certainty (the tough part is sticking with them in a consistent fashion).

Definitely listen until the end and let me know your thoughts!

4 Steps To Getting Out Of Any Rut [PODCAST]


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To summarize, here are the FOUR daily rituals that will pull you out from any rut:

  1. Physical (doing some form of exercise every single day)
  2. Emotional (eliminate negative people, NEWS, gossip, etc from your life)
  3. Mental (read and write/journal daily)
  4. Spiritual (pray and/or meditate daily)

To see the full blog post I referenced in the podcast by James Altucher, click here.

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