QUIZ: Can You Identify All 15 Of These Baby Fish?

By: Joseph Simonds on January 8, 2018
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baby fish quiz

It’s QUIZ time again!

In the fishing world, there are “juvenile fish” and then there are “baby fish…”

Just wait until you see how small some of these baby fish are!

We put together 15 popular juvenile fish in this fun (yet challenging) baby fish quiz.

See how many of them you can get correct!

Warning: This is not an easy fish quiz.

Let us know how you scored in the comments.

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You Rock!

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Jared Martin
2 years ago

10/15. The Marlin was a surprise but the Mahi….that was seriously unexpected. Really awesome quiz guys. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Cannon
Kay Cannon
2 years ago

(Is that good lol?)

2 years ago


Steven Free
2 years ago

Sorry I texted to fast I ment to say that most of the fish in the quiz were not baitfish!

Steven Free
2 years ago

Luke I took the trout quiz about 5 days ago and scored 100 then today the redfish I scored 93 after missing 1 question on how far in the US its found I said Virginia but the answer was Maine then the flounder and I missed 1 again but the baby fish identification I failed miserably only 46 but maybe that’s because I don’t ever use bait and really never studied or cared about what small fish looked like besides most of the fish in the quiz were not British anyways those are my results I would love to buy your flounder strong shirt but have to pass a little short on funds because if unemployment issues maybe next time thanks for the offer hope your holiday was good mine alright was alone girlfriend took daughter and herself to visit San Francisco where her family resides and even if I could go I would not I do not like California to expensive and the people there are rude besides while she was gone I have been doing some inshore Salt fishing talk to you later in the New Year hope yours is a good one😊

(JJ) Gerard Genovese
3 years ago

Pretty neat little quiz, I should not have rushed through it like i did but it was a little bit of a brain teaser on one or two so Id say it made me think for a second. The baby Mahi is the one that got me honestly i didnt expect that one.