Beach Fishing Cart Tires Review (Pros, Cons, & Installation)


It’s beach fishing time!

Do you have a pier or beach cart that you use to bring all of your fishing stuff along with you?

If you do, then you might have noticed how important the tires are…

I’ve been bringing my pier cart (with pier tires) to the beach and it’s been hard work to roll it down to the water!

However, since I’ve installed poly tires that were made for the beach, it’s been almost effortless to roll it over the sand.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The pros and cons of beach tires vs. pier tires
  • How to install new tires on your cart
  • The top mistakes people make when installing new tires
  • And much more

Check it out below.

Beach Cart Tires Review & Installation [VIDEO]

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Beach Tires vs. Pier Tires

If you do a lot of fishing on the beach, beach tires make it much easier to roll your cart down to the water.

However, they’re also more fragile.

They’re thinner and more susceptible to getting punctured by rocks or other debris, so make sure to use them only on the sand as much as possible.

Plus, they’re not cheap, so you don’t want to have to be putting new tires on often.

On the other hand, pier tiers are more durable and are well-equipped to trek over rocks and any other sharp objects you may find on a pier.

Of course, they’re harder to roll over sand, so you should try to have appropriate tires for where you’re fishing.

It’s relatively easy to switch them out (as shown in the video), so it’s not unrealistic to have two sets of tires that you swap out depending on where you’re going fishing.


beach cart review

Although beach tires are easier to roll over sand, they’re much less durable and can be susceptible to being punctured by rocks or worn down by concrete.

The good news though, is that it’s easy to switch between beach tires and pier tires.

I have the Fish N Mate Jr. cart and here are the exact tires I purchased from Amazon.

Have any questions about beach tires?

Let me know in the comments below.

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1 year ago

I cannot inflate the balloon tires on my fishing cart. Can the valve be replaced?

5 months ago
Reply to  Vic

I had this issue with my needle valve. It would not hold air. So I scoured the internet for odd solutions. I inflated the tire to where I wanted it. Then I use a small dab of rubber cement over the hole. I then put a tiny wood screw into the hole. Worked like a charm.

frank carew
2 years ago

Why cant you use the same axle ?

frank carew
2 years ago
Reply to  frank carew

Doh, I just realised why. tyres are wider !!!

robert olson
3 years ago

I looked it up its cheaper to buy the lil fishmate cart with the sand tires than the conversion kit

Last edited 3 years ago by robert olson
robert olson
3 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

thanks for double checking

robert olson
3 years ago

When storing best to put it on blocks otherwise the ballon tires will get a flat spot, and some fix a flat in it will help with small thorn punctures in the future

Last edited 3 years ago by robert olson


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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