5 Beer Coozie Hacks Every Fisherman Can Use


Do you have extra beer coozies laying around?

Instead of sitting in a drawer collecting dust, they can actually help make fishing a lot easier for you!

In this video, I’m going to show you five beer coozie hacks to help you store your tackle, keep your hands safe, and more.

Let’s dive in!

5 Beer Coozie Hacks [VIDEO]

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Hack #1: Wrap pre-tied leaders or sabiki rigs around your foam coozie

beer coozie sabiki rig hack

Just stick the hooks in the coozie, wrap the line around it, and secure it.

This will save you from a lot of line tangles and headaches!

Hack #2: Store hooks and lures in your foam coozie

store lure in beer coozie

This is an easy way to keep the lures you plan on using often close by without having to dig into a tackle box to get them.

Just dig the hook into the top of the koozie and put the lure inside of it.

Hack #3: Use foam coozies as a float for your gear

use foam coozie as a float

These coozies are pretty buoyant, so you can tie tools like pliers and fish grips to them without worrying about them sinking.

Hack #4: Use your neoprene coozie as a glove

use neoprene coozie as a glove

If you need to grab braid or leader, you don’t want to worry about it cutting into your hand, and you don’t have gloves, wrapping your neoprene coozie around your hand is a great alternative.

Hack #5: Store your spools of leader in a coozie

store leader in your coozie

This makes it easy for you to pull out leader without it getting all over the place.

It works with both types of spools.

beer coozie leader hack


I hope these beer coozie hacks help make life easier for you on the water!

Do you have any others that I forgot to mention?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who could use one of these hacks, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jeffrey Dudenhefer
17 hours ago


1 day ago


2 days ago

Great ideas! I also use my stretched out neoprene coozies over reels to protect them when in my truck.

3 days ago

This is very useful! Great ideas!!!!

Jerry Dexter
3 days ago

Never thought about that, Great Video, Thanks Tony

3 days ago

I use the black pipe insulation that looks like a pool noodle for storing my leaders and rigs. Cut into a foot/storage box length. I put toothpicks into the foam to hook the swivels/loops on, wrap the line around then insert the hook into the foam. I group types of rigs on different foam noodles.

John McClain
3 days ago

Great ideas, and I certainly have an abundance of koozies. I use sections of noodles, pool floats, for storing hooks. Also wrap my connection for my kayak battery cable extension with a noodle section.

Joe Urbanek
3 days ago

Nice Video Tony. I’ve been using the thin Koozies for some time on my leader materials. I do it a little differently… I cut the Koozie to the width of the spool. I then have my wife run the seam where it is connected together on her sewing machine. I found after cutting them they can start to come apart. I then cut a hole in the middle of the “band” and slip the tag end through it and then place it around the spool. I can get multiple spool covers from one Koozie, and they are easier to store.

Don’t forget the sewing the seam…. they will come apart in most cases if you do not. I first tried glue, but it gets stiff and does not hold up as well.

Bill D Press
3 days ago

smart. excellent presentation.

Kerry Moore
3 days ago

Another great use for them is to keep your beer or soda cold. Just slip the can right into the top of the koozie and you’re ready to go.
In all seriousness, the line holding hacks will be implemented in short order, great idea!

3 days ago

I have a few things I want to ask you guys / wanted to share
1:Cheaper rods vs expensive rods like an ugly stik vs st croix
2:Split shots vs rubber core sinkers
3: shorter vs longer tag ends in knot strength
4: cinching knots with water vs saliva vs keeping knot in water while cinching it
5:Try nanofil for casting distance contests
6: Who makes the best split rings
7: review Piscifun line spooler
Somethings i wanted to share
1:When using say a palomar knot if your using a lure with a small eye before you cut the tag end put it back through the eye going the other way can help make it weedless also i did some testing and pinching it and threading it through on mono and fluorocarbon did weaken it
2: when tying a knot since you watched tackle advisors modified alberto knot video ive started to really stress all my knots after gloving up and they perform even better (stress it and slowly add more pressure on the mainline right before cutting tag end ( pulling on tag end breaks it)
3: braid palomar vs braid uni as when you guys tested it it won the first time and lost the four other times and since they are very similar in strength I think there was something you did that made your braid palomar knot win
4: while i like both fluorocarbon and mono i saw a test where fluorocarbon abrasion resistance was better then mono so it makes me think it depends on which fluorocarbon and mono you use( source = https://sunlineamerica.com/fishing-with-fluorocarbon-why-use-fluorocarbon/)
Please and thank you for reading and testing
Sorry for asking so much but you guys seem like the right people to ask

Last edited 3 days ago by Austin
Eric Black
3 days ago

Awesome. I REALLY like the idea of using it to hold the leader. Will have to use that. Thanks!

Dennis Byargeon
3 days ago

awesome stuff. I had no idea of what to do with my ram koozie. Brillilant.!!!

Dennis Bloom
3 days ago

I use coozie for my Sputnik Weights. I do a lot of surf fishing, and this keeps my Sputniks from snagging.

Tim Foster
3 days ago

Keep slayin’ me!!! haha
Awesome tips Tony.
AKA “HackMan”
One more reason of many on why I love this family! (Club)

Scott K Taube
3 days ago

I use the thin coozies as a reel cover. I slip one over the spool to protect and secure the line. Snip a couple slits in the coozie to pull it past the bail attachment points. Depending on the shape & size of the gear housing of your reel you can use a second coozie to protect it during transport.

Ricardo Caso
3 days ago

How do you guys come up with all these great ideas! This is why I love SaltStrong!!!!! So glad to be a member

Pat Ogletree
3 days ago

Tony the fishing hack master! I can see myself using #3,4 and 5. Thanks for the heads up!

Rev. Lou
3 days ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Note: When using as a float for equipment – test it first! Hate to see that pair of pliers “parachuting” down to the bottom because the flotation capacity of the “float” is not up to the weight of what you connected to it…. Yes I have done that!


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