#1 App For Offshore Fishing [Wrecks, Reefs, Satellite Mapping & MORE!!!]


We designed the BEST app for offshore fishing!!

How do you know what’s underneath your boat on an offshore fishing trip?

Is there a way to view all of the underwater wrecks and structure dozens of feet underwater?

Check this out!!

#1 App For Offshore Fishing [VIDEO]

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Smart Fishing Spots is a platform we designed specifically for our Insider Club Members.

It is an all-in-one app for saltwater anglers that provides, the tides, winds, as well as radar and sonar mapping on top of the Smart Spots feature that reveals fishing hotspots.

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Weather Forecasts

When you go fishing offshore, you need to know the wind direction but more importantly the wind speed.

It is important to know if the wind will pick up as the day goes on or if it changes direction.

Within Smart Fishing Spots, the heavier winds are indicated by brighter green colors and calmer areas in light blue.

The white lines across the screen indicate wind direction and speed.

Furthermore, if you click the drop-down menu at the top, you will reveal the entire 10-day forecast.

You can further click within each day and get an hour-by-hour weather forecast so you are in tune with any changes.

Additionally, you can take a look at the wave height and direction throughout the day using the toggle button at the bottom of the screen.

This is a super useful tool to help you plan your trips around the weather so you can anticipate the forecast ahead of time.

There are endless weather features with more coming each week!

Artificial Reef Finder

The artificial reef data we’ve been able to access stretches from Texas all the way up to the Carolinas going to Virginia.

We are actively looking to add all states up and down the east coast.

To locate reefs in your area, you have to click the “Artificial Reefs” function and zoom into an area you want to fish.

You’ll see scattered dots that indicate artificial reefs or shipwrecks.

Moreover, you can even click into each reef and read additional data about how that reef came to be.

There you will see the exact Latitude/Longitude coordinates for that wreck.

Remember, you will have to zoom into areas along the coastline to see each wreck and reef.

Shaded Relief (3D) Map Layer

This is the BEST tool I’ve found for planning an offshore trip around fishing different bottom structures.

Just by playing around with Smart Fishing Spots and jumping around from spot to spot, you can see the different bottom contours from the Gulf to the Carolinas.

You can find rocks, ledges, and structure you would NEVER know was even there!!!

Routes & Tracks Feature

Furthermore, once you have the coordinates for where you want to fish, you can use our Routes & Tracks tool to navigate your way there.

You can click on your starting point and further map out waypoints to create a route for your trip.

Before even getting out on the water, you can look at exactly where you want to fish and what the structure will look like.

Marine Chart

Another map layer that I find incredibly helpful is the Marine Chart Layer.

It is very similar to the Shaded Relief Layer but different in that you can get a super fast view of depths and drop-offs.

Also, there are important indicators and markings on the Marine Chart for boaters that may not appear on other map layers.


game changing fishing app

There is SO MUCH already at your fingertips with Smart Fishing Spots and even MORE to look forward to down the road!

If you do lots of offshore or nearshore fishing, then you NEED this app.

It will completely transform the way you fish.

➡Join the Insider Club and get the Smart Fishing Spots App for FREE

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Do you have any additional questions about the best app for offshore fishing?

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8 months ago

is there a lot of data in the CA area?

11 months ago

My app only works on Wi-Fi. Smart spots, oyster beds, grass flats all pop up when on Wi-Fi. As soon as I’m off, they don’t pop up on the app. They stopped doing it all of the sudden when I installed a update on my iPhone.

William Fishburne
1 year ago

My area is mainly Alabama. When I click on an artificial reef inshore or offshore it does NOT pop up with the detailed information that shows up in your video. Why ?

William Fishburne
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I assume you mean that Alabama does not have the data in down loadable format ??
Do you know if Alabama is working on this ?
Is there a contact person at the State ?

William Fishburne
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Wyatt , go to the website Outdoor Alabama and it has all of the reefs in down load format for nearshore , inshore and other info. You can also just search for Alabama fishing reefs and the link to Outdoor Alabama Artificial Reefs will come up.

Albert Levy
1 year ago

Does saltstrong cover ocean city Md off shore reefs and wrecks

Andre Pretorius
1 year ago

Does the siftware cover Western Australia?


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