This Was The Best Cobia Bite Of My Life [Nearshore Fishing]


I stumbled into the best cobia bite of my life last week on a quick trip to a nearshore reef.

This type of fishing is relatively new to me, so I wasn’t expecting to have a banner day.

But the worries of having a slow day while taking an Insider Club member out quickly faded once the drag was screaming shortly after getting out to the reef.

Below is a fun video showing the action.

Amazing Cobia Bite

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cobia shrimp jig

Never again will I feel forced to bring live bait out to the reefs.

This trip pretty much locked in the confidence that this weedless Power Prawn setup can generate strikes.

I have gone out two times since this trip, and the fewest cobia landed was 4 along with many small grouper while nearby boats were hardly catching anything using natural baits.

So I am now in no rush to get the livewell in the boat fixed. I’ll just wait until a stretch of high wind days because I am currently very addicted to nearshore fishing.

The Power Prawn USA has easily become my #1 most trusted artificial lure of all for generating strikes both for inshore and offshore fishing.

The new Hoss Weedless Football jigheads enable these lures to get strikes from highly pressured fish holding tight to structure without getting snagged on the bottom.

So if you’ll be fishing deep structure in spots like inlets, bridges, docks, reefs, etc., then you’ve got to give this weedless shrimp jig setup a try.

Here are the respective links to these items (both are only available at

Please make sure to send your friends who fish nearshore this link because they’ll surely enjoy the freedom of not feeling forced to make time to catch/buy fresh bait before heading out.

As always, please use the Comments section below to ask any questions you may have related to this nearshore reef fishing report.

Tight Lines!

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10 months ago

Nice introduction of the power prawn to Mr. Cobie!

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

What an exciting video/report! Can’t wait to hear more about the new rod. Looked like everything and everyone was so in sync.

ULYSSES Miramontes
1 year ago

Great video fishing action & supporting dialogue Luke! Am amazed & sold on how these power prawns & jig heads worked out there! Cart add for sure! And would think Flounder would hit em as well. Anyone try this set up for Largemouth Bass yet? One question, did you bounce it more manually or let the current/drift & rod twitches do the trick?

Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

Stellar Day with those Cobia, Luke & Tony! Nice work Guys.

David Atkins
1 year ago

Fantastic video, too much fun for sure and the Cobia Bite was off the hook WOW!
Thanks for sharing this great video…tight lines!

Xavier Muniz
1 year ago

Hi Luke! This was exhilarating to watch, and I’m looking forward to my first nearshore reef adventure. When you mentioned free lining the pinfish, can you clarify what that means? I noticed the bail was closed when you got the big hit, and some other videos I’ve watched with Capt. Peter Deeks state keeping the bail open until you see line running out… just curious what was actually meant by “free lining” since I hadn’t really used anything but artificial until recently.

Xavier Muniz
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Ohhh, makes sense… thanks so much for the quick response!

Jerred Reidling
1 year ago

That is pretty amazing! Still new to the area and and Florida fishing. Excited for the a day like that. I have a lot to learn.

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

That was really a great post Luke. Looking forward to getting out there on a nice day.

Mario Relvini
1 year ago

Wow what a blast Luke! I enjoyed watching…felt like I was there!

Donald Baxter
1 year ago

Thanks for the reply Luke to the previous post always nice to see the creators and coaches of this fantastic salt strong fishing apps reply back to our comments .Their in no other fishing app or Chanel that offer the great information all year as this one does. Thanks for all of your time and effort.


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