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Last updated on: January 27, 2016

breakline polarized sunglasses review

I was checking out the latest Florida Sportsman magazine the other day and I came across a new pair of sunglasses that I had never seen advertised before.

They were called the “Breakline Polarized Sunglasses”, and they had the following claim that grabbed my attention:

“The World’s Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses”

So of course, I had to try these things out.

Here is my independent review below (PLUS Video Review)

Note: I am NOT getting paid to do this review.

Pros Of The Breakline Sunglasses

breakline cahabas sunglasses

Note: Breakline has 5 different types of polarized sunglasses (you can see them all here)

The specific pair that I am using in this review are the Breakline “Cahaba’s” with the gray polarized lens.

Here is what I really liked about them:

  • Super lightweight. In fact, these sunglasses are the lightest polarized glasses that I own (and I own Costas, Under Armour, Maui Jim, & Ray Ban polarized glasses)
  • The fit my face well. On top of being lightweight, they fit my face and nose really well (I have a thin-bridged nose), so these glasses do a great job of staying on my face (and not sliding down like some heavier glasses do after some sunscreen and sweat on the nose)
  • Lifetime Warranty. They have an over the top Lifetime Warranty + Loss Replacement in place. It is only good one time for a full replacement, but they will completely replace your glasses if anything goes wrong. See the full warranty and rules here.
  • They look good. These Breakline glasses look sharp (and so do the other styles).
  • Strong frame. The “Made in Italy” frame and arms felt strong and sturdy. It’s called the “MaxVelocity” frame, but I honestly don’t know exactly what that means… but it sounds strong…
  • Good quality Polarized Lens. Here is their note about their “non-glass” lenses: Our Z-920 polarized lenses possess similar advantages to glass, such as scratch resistance and optimal clarity, but with the lower price of polycarbonate you get ultra lightweight sunglasses for a much better cost than glass!
  • Numerous lens colors to choose from. All five of their different glasses have multiple lens colors to choose from. The Cahaba’s in particular, have four different lens colors.
  • Priced competitively. These Breakline Cahaba glasses go from $139 to $149 depending on which lens you buy. Seems in line with many of the other higher end polarized glasses made for fishing. The other Breakline sunglasses are in similar ranges from $139 t0 $155.

Cons Of The Breakline Sunglasses

Here are the few things that could be improved upon:

  • I was a bit disappointed that these nice sunglasses didn’t come with a cleaning cloth, croakies, or something else inexpensive that usually seems to come with a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. In all fairness, it is a fairly new company, so by the time you read this they might have some cool “extras” in place.
  • Note that these are not glass lenses. So if having a polarized pair of sunglasses with a glass lens is important to you, these are not going to have that option. As I posted above in the “Pros” section, Breakline went with a super light polycarbonate instead of glass to make them more affordable to you (and to be incredibly light).

The Breakline Sunglasses (Cahaba’s) Review


All in all, I was pretty impressed with these Breakline “Cahaba” polarized sunglasses.

The jury is still out  if they are “The World’s Best Polarized Sunglasses”, but they certainly might be the lightest polarized sunglasses.

When I picked up the case (after opening the main box that it arrived in), I honestly wondered if there was actually a pair of glasses inside it was so light!

I have been wearing them around town this week, and one thing I notice is that I don’t have the normal “nose indention” that many of my other polarized “glass” glasses give me after wearing them for an extended period of time.

I have not taken these out for a full day on the water, but I plan to next week so stay tuned.

To learn more about Breakline Sunglasses (including seeing all of their different options), click here:

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Fish On.

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