The Rise Of Cami Cakes: From Student To Pro Angler

By: Joe Simonds on December 14, 2018
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Have you heard of Cami Cakes yet?

If you spend any time on Instagram, there is a good chance you’ve come across her fish pictures.

She’s grown her following from zero to 100,000 people in a crazy short amount of time (see her Instagram page here), and she’s now even gone pro (she recently received her captain’s license and started her own charter company).

Cami has also become incredibly consistent at catching inshore fish (like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder).

She started off fishing in Florida (where she grew up), and now she lives in Slidell, Lousiana where she is starting her guide service.

And as someone who risked everything to make a living in the fishing industry, I truly appreciate stories like this.


Click down below to listen in as we discuss her background, her love for fishing, how social media is impacting fishing, and much more.

I’ll also add in her latest YouTube video where she shows her favorite redfish recipe.


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Cami’s Redfish Recipe

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She is pretty yes….she does have a lot of followers….I support her efforts….
she fishes and is a captain….I would hope she has her Captain’s license…..she’s a go getter


I definitely had to follow on IG. Beautiful woman catching beautiful fish…. doesn’t get much better.


Not a lot of charter pics on her page. Why is that?

Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher

Hmm…Cami Cakes…no doubt that’s her real name (sounds more like a porn star)…note to Salt Strong: it’s 2018 – bikini “pin-up fishing girls” are so passe – as well as blatantly sexist. Way to go, Salt Strong…nothing like promoting female anglers. Salt Strong should be ashamed of itself.


Wow can you believe those fish