Interviewing The Most Interesting Fishing Captains In America…


Ever wanted to get inside the brain of some of the best (and most interesting) fishing guides?

Well, now you can…

Hunter Leavine, Josh Wells, Austin Reinhardt, and Hunter’s dad, Capt. Chip Leavine, have created a “fishing podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, and stories from captains and other industry leaders” and put it all into one awesome platform called, “Captains Collective.”

I was turned on to this awesome podcast by Tom Rowland, and it’s one of my “must subscribe to” podcasts for serious saltwater fishermen.

The gents behind Captains Collective make every episode special by going on location and doing each interview face to face (sometimes driving 8+ hours to get the best episode possible).

So I asked Hunter to come on and talk about how they came up with the idea, their favorite stories so far, challenges, and some great fishing stories.


Interviewing America’s Best Fishing Captains [PODCAST]

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Interviewing America’s Best Fishing Captains [VIDEO]

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Definitely keep on eye on these guys as they are going to do big things in the fishing world.

You can keep up with Hunter and Captains Collective here:

Have any questions for Hunter or ideas on fishing guides they should interview?

Let us know in the comments below!

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