3 Tips To Catch More Redfish Out Of A School (On The Water Tactics)


If you find a school of redfish, you may be able to catch several fish from that one school.

But you’ll need to know the best ways to target more fish after you’ve caught one (otherwise you may spook them all)!

Learn 3 on-the-water tactics to catch more redfish out of a school in this new video.

Check it out below!

Catch More Redfish Out Of A School [VIDEO]

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Tip #1

If you are in a light vessel like a kayak, paddleboard, or even a small skiff, be sure to anchor up when you hook up.

Otherwise, that fish is going to run right back to that school and spook the whole school.

Tip #2

Keep an eye on the school of fish even while you are fighting a fish.

You don’t want to lose track of where they are and miss the whole school.

Tip #3

Use a durable and easy-to-rig lure.

I was using the Power Prawn Jr. on this big school of redfish.

And every time I caught one, all I had to do was quickly re-adjust it and cast back out.

If you use a lure that is not durable when you’re fishing a school of redfish, you may have to constantly be changing it out.

And that wastes a ton of time!

Have any questions about catching more schooling redfish?

How many redfish have you caught in one school before?

Let me know down in the comments!

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