Which Is The Better Reel: Daiwa BG or BG MQ?

The Daiwa BG or BG MQ???

Which way should you go?

We had the chance to speak with Mark Mills of Daiwa at iCast 2022!!

Check out his answer in the video below!

Daiwa BG or BG MQ? [VIDEO]

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Both are excellent inshore saltwater fishing reels that can handle most inshore situations, however, the BG MQ is just a step above the BG in design and, of course, the price.

Before we dive deeper into this question, we first want to say there is not truly a “BEST” reel.

It depends on application among a bunch of other different factors.

Daiwa BG

The current rendition of the Daiwa BG has been in production for the last 6 years.

I personally have owned all different types of BG reels from 2500 sizes and higher and it is remarkable how much of a beating these reels can take.

At the beginning of this reel’s production, inshore anglers were hesitant of change but guides and deckhands on boats and vessels found it to be exactly what they needed.

It was about when this reel came out that anglers started paying closer attention to the details and inner workings of spinning reels.

The biggest thing I noticed on the BG was Daiwa’s Digigear System.

The main gear is bigger with bigger cut teeth creating smoother alignment between the teeth and the pinion gear.

In addition, Daiwa also went with a larger Zinc gear.

And when compared to competitors’ reels in the same price range, Daiwa’s Zinc gear was about 30-40% larger in size.

A bigger gear gives a reel more durability.

Moreover, Daiwa also incorporates an Air Rotor into this reel.

The Air Rotor is designed to alleviate the weight of the rotor on the reel itself.

The heavier the rotor, the heavier the reel and it can be harder to turn the handle after long periods of time.

Air Rotors make the reel feel overall lighter and create a smoother rotation for every turn of the handle.

Daiwa BG MQ

If you take a look at the Daiwa BG and BG MQ side by side, you can see some noticeable differences in color and other things off the bat.

But what you may not pick up on are the number of screws and access points on each reel.

The Daiwa BG has 4 main screw-in points on the side plate that is able to come off.

These 4 screw-in points create points of stress on the reel.

Some areas of the side plate are more secure than others.

These screw-in points eliminate gear space as well as adding more materials which add more weight.

In the case of inshore spinning reels, sometimes less material is actually stronger.

With regards to the Daiwa BG MQ, there are no screw-in points along the side plate.

There is a 360-degree disk that keeps the gears and inner workings in alignment.

The access point on the handle acts like a jar lid so the more secure it is, the fewer contaminants that can access the main gear.

This reduces the overall weight of the reel and actually strengthens it.

The gear ratio is the same on both reels, however, it is easier to crank the handle of the BG MQ when under a load of a fish than the BG.


When it comes down to it, there actually is not a lot of sealing in the Daiwa BG.

But there are NINE rubber seals within the BG MQ.

There are several seals along the main shaft to protect the main gear as well as further seals along the side plate to prevent contamination of the inner workings.

This dramatically reduces the amount of spray and splash that these reels may endure on nearshore or offshore fishing trips.

The Bottom Line

The jump up in price from the BG to the BG MQ is justifiable.

You’re getting a bigger gear in relation to the body size, a reel that is carefully sealed on all sides, and the BG MQ is more lightweight than the BG.

The Daiwa BG MQ does everything you would want it to do for nearshore, offshore or even inshore fishing.


justin reel comparison daiwa bg vs bg mq

Daiwa has thoughtfully and carefully crafted some of the best spinning reels for saltwater anglers on the market.

I firmly believe that every inshore saltwater angler should get their hands on the Daiwa BG MQ if they’re able to.

These reels stand the test of time and will set you up for inshore fishing success.

Do you have any additional questions about the Daiwa BG or BG MQ?

Let us know what you thought of this video down in the comments section!!

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1 month ago

I bought the 4000 for surfcasting. Worked great at first, but now the bail occasionally snaps shut during my cast which has cost me several lures. I sent it in to Daiwa, and they tell me it’s a “performance reel” so my $200 reel costs $60 to service (as opposed to $30 for the regular spinning reels. So be forewarned

2 months ago

I have a Daiwa bg mq6000D-H, can I use it for shore jigging? 80gr jigs
it seems much smaller than my daiwa bg 4500

2 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

ok thank you very much!!! I have been using the bg4500 for a long time and it became heavy for me, so I wanted to get something lighter but with the same endurance as this one. BG4500 is a bigger reel so I was worried that I got the wrong shore jigging reel for that price if you understand me.otherwise I hunt dentex, bonito, large false albacores, big amberjack and bg4500 ufff its perfect for that but heavy after long time.

5 months ago

Hi guys, i have a question, can i use a 6000 BG MQ for surf fishing?

5 months ago

Amazing reel. Only issue, and its not a big one, that I ever encounter with my BG MQ is the line roller can act funny when gunk builds up in it. Its one screw. I take it out and just clean it try to get as much gunk as possible off it and she’s good to go. I do this basically once a season. Everything else seems to be sealed well. If only the line roller had a sealing mechanism, this reel would be A+++++.

5 months ago

Hello, the daiwa bg 3500 could be suitable for a popping rod MH 7.4 ft, 40-80g, 6 kg drag?

5 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thanks Justin for the quick reply, appreciated it very much!
I plan to use it mainly from the boat but also from shores sometimes.
The targets are Spanish mackerel, queen fish, bonito, trevally, medium GT, all between 2 to 8 kg….

Daniel Bandy
7 months ago

I live on Merritt Island and plan on fishing the Indian/Banana rivers but also going off shore some. Do I need 2 separate rods/reels to do such? I was looking to choose between the BG MQ and the Saltist MQ. Newbie here so any info is greatly appreciated. Also, is it worth considering the certate series?

Last edited 7 months ago by Daniel Bandy
Daniel Bandy
7 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thanks Justin I appreciate the response and info! Can the certate be used for saltwater if I’d go that route? Should I be building two different rigs?

Last edited 7 months ago by Daniel Bandy
AC Peltzer
1 year ago

Love the BG series. Tough reels that are still smooth after years of use. I have a bunch in multiple sizes, and other than weak drags on the 2000 size I have no complaints. I have one BG MQ and it is also tough and smooth. Is one BG MQ worth two regular BGs? I guess it depends on how you use it, but either way both are solid, smooth and dependable.

Steve Wilson
1 year ago

I have both and I’m pretty hard on my gear. I’ve had the BG about a year longer than the MQ and the BG is still just as smooth as the MQ. Both great reels so far.

richard green
1 year ago

Love my mq

Kim MacCartney
1 year ago

Justin…As stated both are great reels. The main reason I went to the BG (2500 on a Bull Bay Bolt 7’6″ ML) is because I am an engineer and fanatic about reel maintenance. I can easily maintain my BG. A little Aquaseal at all normal water entry points and my BG is probably sealed almost as good as the gaskets they use. On the other hand the MQ has to go back to Daiwa or an authorized dealer because they refuse to sell the tool needed to remove the side plate. Most people who buy and own salt water fishing tackle (not including VanStaal owners) maintain their own equipment. In my opinion they are shooting themselves in the foot by not making the tool available. Maybe suggest Daiwa make the side plate tool available through Salt Strong!

Steve Miller
1 year ago
Reply to  Kim MacCartney

I used my BG MQ one time and it got pulled overboard. It was quickly recovered and rinsed thoroughly multiple times. I know that this is not normal wear and tear, but because of the seals I thought that it would surely be ok, but not so. I do not know if I would have ever tried to service it myself, but needing a special tool was something that did not please me at all. I sent it off to be repaired and the cost is about half of what I paid for the reel and it will be a month from the time they received it until I get it back. I have it on my Bull Bay custom rod and hope now to get many years out of it as long as it does not go swimming again. With that being said, because I am more of a recreational fisherman, I will go with the BG next time and if it gets ruined it will be a lot easier to stomach. For anyone new to this sport, fishes with children, or are just not sure how much you will go fishing I recommend starting with the BG or one of the other DIAWA reels offered by Salt Strong.

I do want to thank Justin for all of the reviews and the willingness to answer any questions thrown his way. You have definitely made my venture into this sport a lot easier when it comes to making my choices.


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