#1 Spot To Quickly Find Redfish At Low Tide


How do you find redfish at low tide?

What are the top redfish anglers looking for when they’re out fishing a low tide?

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Quickly Find Redfish At Low Tide [VIDEO]

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At any given period in the tide cycle, redfish will stage themselves close to a food source in favorable water conditions.

This means they’ll sit in areas they know they have escape routes out of with a steady flow of bait.

On incoming tides, redfish push up close to shorelines and mangroves and on outgoing tides, you’ll find redfish stacked up on the outside of these areas.

Outgoing tides pull out all the bait with the tide, causing redfish to turn around and wait for meals to swim right into their faces.

The drone footage in the video starts at the mouth of a grass flat and a creek system.

Some redfish are staged feeding right on the point of these mangrove marshes as bait exits.

Their goal is to sit and wait to ambush crabs or mullet passing by.

The BIG KEY here is finding areas with large flushes of bait on the incoming tide.

Small crabs or mullet push up in these marshes to then get forced out on the outgoing tide.

These areas can be even MORE productive around the new moon and full moon phases of the moon.

During these times, instead of just seeing a few redfish staged outside creek mouths, you’ll see schools of redfish form.


copper redfish

Moving into fall seasonal trends, this is a GREAT time to start targeting redfish at low tide!

As bait gets flushed in and out with the tides, redfish position and stage themselves to beef up for the winter.

Keep an eye on the tide cycle as well as the moon phases to target some BULL redfish this fall!!

Do you have any questions about how to quickly find redfish at low tide?

Are there specific questions you have about finding similar spots in your local waters?

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Luke Simonds
11 months ago

Great tip Wyatt!

lloyd terry
11 months ago

Thanks again !
When you mention Texas, what area are you fishing in the most ? I’m in Galveston without a boat and could use some insider tips. I’m sure there are some great hidden spots to get to in my 2wd truck…
Any feedback is greatly appreciated !

Tad Thomas
11 months ago

Great video Wyatt!!! Concise well articulated and very informative! Glad your doing well miss you here in NC my friend.

Jose Reyes
11 months ago

Great info-talk to me bout Port Mansfield! My fishing grounds.
thank you

Dale Prunoske
11 months ago

Good tips, like to fish the outflow.

Rob Bordelon
11 months ago

Thanks Wyatt ! So what’s better? A $6000 fish finder or a $6000 drone?

Last edited 11 months ago by Rob Bordelon
Robert Taylor
11 months ago

Great lesson Wyatt!! Thanks.

Xavier Muniz
11 months ago

This is great, Wyatt! I’m curious, in how deep of water do you usually find redfish? It seems when I drift/fish the flats here in the Tampa Bay area, perhaps I’m out just a bit too deep because the redfish seem to elude me.

Xavier Muniz
11 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Ohhh, that’s awesome to know! If I’m typically drifting 3-7ft of water, then no wonder I catch trout and other species more easily with no redfish to be seen around LOL.

George Layton
11 months ago

Thanks for the 100% SPOT-ON info Wyatt !!!

Andy Hong
11 months ago

Always so clear and concise, Wyatt! I love your 3 minute lessons!!!


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