Redfish Fishing Lure Size Experiment [Fishing Report]

I recently had the opportunity to go out and conduct a redfish lure size experiment!

After a slow morning with not much to show for it, I found some FEISTY redfish in the afternoon.

So I figured I’d test to see which paddletail size works best for redfish this time of year.

Take a look at the results here!!

Redfish Lure Size Experiment [VIDEO]

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As the day went on and the sun came up, redfish felt more comfortable creeping into the shallows in search of a meal.

The main difference between the spots that held redfish and those that didn’t was wind direction.

The area I found all the redfish in was pushed up against the bank with the wind blowing directly at the shore.

Also, there was lots of bird activity all around me.

If you see birds crashing down on the bait, it is a signal to stop and fish in that area.

More often than not, the birds are crashing down on the bait from above and the redfish are trying to pluck off bait from below.

That can help you quickly locate schools of redfish.

It’s a lot easier to see the birds than the redfish below the surface.

Lure Size Experiment

After reeling in a fish or two, I decided to conduct a little experiment.

About every 10-15 minutes, I changed the size of my lure to see if that would help trigger more strikes.

Would a small paddletail or a larger paddletail trigger more strikes?


The Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletail crushed it!!

The BOMBER also had its moments and caught both trout and redfish.

More importantly, the lesson on this trip was picking a shoreline that was wind-driven to create optimal feeding conditions for these redfish.

➡Get the Slam Shady 2.0

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Was there anything in this video that you had a question about or wanted to learn more about?

Let me know down in the comments section!!

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Mark Ethridge
6 months ago

Great info!

William Dees
6 months ago

Great info and video. What size & weight weedless hook were you using ?


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