Fishing On Windy Days: How To Use The Wind To Your Advantage


Just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean the fishing has to be!

We talked last week about how to find feeding inshore fish in bad weather, and we’re continuing the conversation with these tips on how to fish during windy days.

With just a few simple tricks, you can use the wind to your advantage and have a great day out on the water.

Watch the video below for the secrets on how to leverage the wind, plus see how I did this on a recent trip to catch a nice redfish.


How To Fish On Windy Days [VIDEO]

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If you want to give yourself the best chance at catching fish, while not fighting with mother nature the whole time, follow these tips:

  1. Plan your trip with the wind. If the wind is coming from the north, start at the northernmost spot and drift down south to your other spots.
  2. Position your boat or kayak perpendicular to the wind, which will slow your drift down.
  3. Have a drift sock or drift anchor ready to slow your drift down even more if necessary.
  4. Use a push pole or trolling motor to guide your drift towards your target areas.
  5. Don’t forget to fish during the drifts between your target areas. That’s when I caught this nice red!

Have any questions about fishing in the wind?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want more detailed videos where we share our exact spots and strategies, check out our SUPER-Community here.

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4 years ago

Tony, howbout’cha?! i recently found myself challenged by windy conditions while fishing pre and post cold front. 1st 2 days being sunny and breezy from south/southeast and shifting midday from the north/northwest for the following 2, I found myself adjusting to the shift quite challenging. But even in 30mph winds we were able to find redfish while wading the heaviest gusts of the day. Safety being of utmost concern when wind does pick up maybe you can elaborate the conditions that signal red flag warnings and such and how it relates to craft size and capability to handle such conditions as well as how to safely identify a return route to dock if you do get caught up in drastic weather changes such that create dangerous chop to cross. I.e. hug the shallow shoreline on the leeward side upon your return. I think too many of us underestimate the wind in our haste to go fishing and the drastic conditions it can create especially to an under-experienced boater. Food for thought, man.

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

Good stuff, Tony………on days like that, it’s sure nice to employ 2 vehicles and float from one to the other.

Bruce Fink
4 years ago

A question for Tony not related to your good video of fishing in the wind . I am looking for a t bar kayak carrier that’s fits into receiver hitch on a p/ up truck carrying kayak into the bead & extending out the back . I know you podcasted a video last year what mfg did you use ?


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