The Truth About Fishing Tackle Shipping Costs (Behind The Scenes)


Want to go behind the scenes and see how tackle stores and big-box retailers are charging for shipping tackle?

We’ve had a ton of questions regarding how some of our shipping costs are so low while others (like shipping a fishing rod) can be so much.

So we decided to go behind the scenes to show you the exact costs for shipping everything from rods, reels, lures, chum, and more.

We also go into one of the ways that big-box retailers are overcharging on some items to be able to offer free shipping on others.

Check it out below!

You can watch the video version of this podcast below (which I highly recommend so you can see the breakdown of costs), listen to the audio version by clicking the play button underneath it, or listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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The Truth About Fishing Tackle Shipping Costs [VIDEO]

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The Truth About Fishing Tackle Shipping Costs [PODCAST]

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You can follow the timestamped table of contents here:

  • 0:56 – Being transparent about shipping costs in the tackle industry
  • 1:38 – Amazon’s shipping cost increases 57% in one year
  • 3:37 – Paying for shipping (& handling???)
  • 4:27 – Insider pricing versus public pricing
  • 5:26 – The shipping costs you’ll pay on our site
  • 6:25 – Same lures online at a different tackle shop (see the shipping cost difference)
  • 8:29 – Shipping reels (what it costs you and what it costs us)
  • 9:34 – We’re open to listening to your feedback
  • 10:09 – Options for changes that are best for you?
  • 12:15 – You won’t believe what goes into shipping a fishing rod
  • 14:39 – The rules for shipping big items
  • 16:04 – Chum shipping costs and the future of our chum
  • 18:35 – Our turnaround on shipping tackle and moving fulfillment in-house
  • 20:39 – The ability to come pick up your tackle in Winter Haven
  • 23:35 – Please send us some feedback on the shipping situation
  • 25:56 – If you don’t want to post your suggestion public, please email us!
  • 27:29 – We don’t charge for overhead, staffing, or packaging


salt strong tackle store

With the rise in shipping costs (for all online retailers), we will continue to see changes in shipping policies for many online shops.

But we want to make sure our members help call the shots!

Do you have any feedback or suggestions on the shipping costs of tackle?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know an angler who is frustrated about shipping costs for their tackle, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jason Davenport
3 days ago

My opinion, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it…

Dave Brett
2 days ago

Like others have said, thank you for the transparency.
Perhaps, an option for members to choose local pickup of orders and not have to ship?

Paul Pence
2 days ago

I use Fedex for shipping fairly heavy boxes. I get price quotes from UPS and they are usually double or more than shipping though Fedex. 45 pounds to Oklahoma usually cost me around $35.00, but to ship using UPS quotes $80.

A company I used to work for would not charge the persons credit card until we boxed the items and have the actual shipping cost. We would give an approximate cost, but would wait and charge what the actual shipping cost.
That would be fair to both us the and to Salt Strong.
I own my own business, so the objective is to stay profitable and provide good service at a good price. So taking losses is not a way to maintain that.

I think most of us would be OK with waiting for the final price that has the actual shipping cost. Having the good prices being Insiders is great, we can pay the price it actual cost to ship.

Keep up the great work!!!
Thanks Guys and Gals!

Tom Murray
2 days ago

I really don’t mind waiting until I need multiple items to purchase, so I can get free shipping. A free shipping minimum always helps me buy online, as opposed to going to walmart if I just need a few hooks or a pack of lures. So yes, I’m in favor of meeting a minimum purchase for free shipping.

David Baldwin
1 day ago

As stated by others before, Thank you for your honesty and transparency! When buying online, one expects to pay for shipping. It’s either charged at the end of the sale or it is hidden in the price charged for the item purchased. We are already getting a great price for the items in your store, so charge for the shipping; we are still saving money. By knowing your shipping charges are actual and not puffed up for profit, I will have no reservations about paying my shipping charges.

Martin Picciano
21 hours ago

Hi Joe & Luke – I never doubted your shipping charges, however I figured out it’s best to buy multiple items to make the shipping costs worthwhile. If I only need one item, I’ll hold off until I need 2 or more to make the discount worth it to cover the shipping cost.

Philip Lewis
11 hours ago

I love the fact that you’ve been willing to at least address the issue of shipping. I get it, businesses have to make money or go under. It’s a good reason to try to buy local, if you have a store that’s not a national chain. We all balance the cost, pay shipping, or buy local.

Good job covering the issue!!

Allen Billingsley
5 hours ago

I get it. One point is if you burn a gallon of gas to go to bass pro or dicks, that’s $3 that people don’t think about.

Allen Billingsley
5 hours ago

Also your time. That’s the point of paying shipping. So you don’t burn gas and waste time that you could be fishing. Great job guys ♡

Daniel Schmidt
2 hours ago

Great vid. Keep the 20% member discount. I’d rather just pay whatever it cost to get it shipped

Mitchell Landis
1 hour ago

I love the fact that you guys are up-front and hands-on with the members. I know shipping cost’s across the board are on the rise. Prices on everything continue to climb as supply remains slow and the demand remains high. A 20 %, across the board discount is very generous all things considered. I like an incremental incentive discount system personaly. One spends up to say $50 they get 5 % off, 51-100 10% until the discount limit is reached. Some exceptions for say when combos are bought together it warrants a better deal.
I didn’t hear any mention of the cost of returns and refunds your’s or the other companies, that can make or break a day’s sales. Or did I miss it?


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