ROAD TRIP! Spanish Mackerel, Tripletail, Sharks, & Boats


It’s road trip time!!

My brother, Luke, and I were lucky enough to take a road trip down to the Florida Keys recently.

We got to hang out with Capt. Mark “HOLLYWOOOD” Johnson, catch a ton of fish, create lots of videos, and talk about our 2020 plans for Salt Strong.

The goal of the type of fishing we did was to just get tight lines.

Yes, we do love stalking bonefish and permit on the flats, but we’ve been getting lots of questions from people who just want to catch loads of fish, especially from people who are fishing with kids or other family members who don’t really care what they catch.

We mainly focused on Spanish mackerel and sharks, but we also ran into a bunch of tripletail.

salt strong fishing in the Florida Keys

In this podcast episode, Luke and I are coming to you live from the truck on the way home to share the whole story of the trip, including:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of live shrimp vs. lures
  • Spanish mackerel catching, cleaning and cooking tips
  • What it’s like to live on a houseboat for a few days
  • Tripletail fishing tips
  • The equipment we used to catch sharks (even an 8-foot angry hammerhead!)
  • An interesting alternative to typical frozen shrimp for bait

And much more!

You can listen to this episode by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Roadtripping For Macks & Sharks [PODCAST]

salt strong podcast itunes
salt strong podcast stitcher

salt strong podcast spotify

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how to catch spanish and king mackerel

We had such an awesome time down in the Keys and I can’t wait to share all of the videos we created with you.

If you want to book a trip with Capt. Johnson’s fleet and get on some sharks and Spanish mackerel like we did, you can check them out at

One thing I mentioned several times in the podcast was Lunker Dog’s podcast about turtle hunting.

Absolutely recommend you take a listen, and you can listen to it here.

We’re going to be doing a lot more traveling and fishing in 2020.

What species or places would you like us to cover?

Email us at or and let us know!

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