3 Reasons Why Golfers And Fishermen Are Eerily Similar!

By: Joseph Simonds on May 16, 2016
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golfers and fishermen

Have you ever noticed how many of your fishing friends also enjoy golfing?

And if your friends are anything like my friends, they are usually noticeably better at one sport over the other…

Some are amazing anglers and mediocre golfers…

While others are almost scratch golfers and average anglers…

But either way, it’s no shock that golfers also like to fish and vice versa. The two sports complement each other, not to mention golf and fishing have many things in common such as:

  • Patience
  • Endless amounts of money…
  • A spouse or significant other that will put up with the long hours on the course / or on the water…

Heck, even big name golfers like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods were known to go fishing in both lakes and out in the saltwater wherever they were traveling for golf events.

Here is what Tiger Woods had to say about fishing:

“I thoroughly enjoy getting away from the game and going out fishing because it’s so relaxing, so quiet, and peaceful. I mean, there’s no noise other than nature… and it’s so different from what I do in a tournament situation that it just eases my mind.”

Note: (you can see some awesome fishing quotes from Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, and others in this “Top 50 Best Fishing Quotes By Famous People” post here).

Well, one thing I have always noticed was how much male golfers and fishermen have in common… In fact, it was eery just how similar we are in many respects… I’m betting you will agree after you see these three reasons that fishermen and golfers are the same…

Check it out for yourself below in this golf vs fishing comparison.

Here are the 3 reasons that golfers and fishermen are eerily similar…

1. Both Golfers And Anglers Are Over The Top Competitive (and hate being called “Nancy Boy”)

golfing and fishing

Have you ever noticed how competitive anglers can get while fishing or golfing? (Note: men seem to be more guilty of this than women)

Here is reason #1 why anglers and golfers are eerily the same:


  • Golfers usually go out golfing with a few buddies
  • After a few rounds (rounds of golf and/or rounds of beers) it always turns way more competitive than it started
  • Bets start flying out of nowhere (some of the most obnoxious bets between men occur on a golf course)
  • A friendly game of golf turns into a casino
  • And the worst golfer of the day is referred to as “Nancy” for teeing off like a 12-year old girl.


  • Fishermen usually go out on the water with a few buddies
  • After a few casts (or beers) it always turns way more competitive than it started
  • Bets start flying out of nowhere
  • A friendly day of fishing turns into a betting frenzy
  • And the worst angler of the day (usually the angler getting skunked or only catching junk fish or small fish) is referred to as “Nancy”

2. One Shot | One Catch Changes Everything…

golfing vs fishing

Have you ever noticed a golfer or angler having the worst luck ever, and then all of a sudden one amazing shot or one last minute fish changes everything?

Here is reason #2 that anglers and golfers are eerily similar:

All of a Golfer’s…

  • missed putts
  • triple bogeys
  • time in the sand
  • shots in the trees
  • shots in the water
  • lost balls
  • sunburn
  • horrible shots
  • slices
  • hooks
  • and mulligans

Are all quickly forgotten immediately after nailing the shot of the day!

All of a Fisherman’s…

  • bad luck
  • missed fish
  • broken knots
  • frayed line
  • bent hooks
  • dead bait
  • cuts on the fingers
  • sunburn
  • under slot fish
  • junk fish
  • and lost lures

Are quickly forgotten immediately after landing the biggest fish of the day!

3. “The 19th Hole” – Where Everything Gets Exaggerated…

19th hole golf and fishing

If you aren’t familiar with golf, just know that every golf course has a 19th hole somewhere…

It’s usually the clubhouse bar or any other location where golfers can go reminisce about the day with a few drinks…

Of course, fishermen have the same 19th hole as well… sometimes it’s a bar at the marina, sometimes it’s your favorite watering hole or tavern, but either way, it’s the place you go to tell fishing stories…

And it’s also reason #3 that golfers and fishermen are eerily similar:


golfing vs fishing

  • With golfers, the 19th hole is where scores miraculously get lower
  • The shots become better than they were in real life
  • The mulligans are somehow forgotten
  • And golfers mysteriously become semi-pro golfers that can beat anyone on the course once the drinks start flowing at the 19th hole…


angler exaggerating

  • With anglers, the after fishing bar represents fish miraculously become bigger than they were…
  • Missed fish and fish that broke off all become larger than life
  • And all of a sudden fishermen become such good anglers that they need their own fishing TV show after a few drinks…


It’s a fact, golfers and fishermen are eerily similar.

They both get way too competitive, they love betting on their game, they love forgetting about the bad shots and missed fish, and they hate being called “Nancy”.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and don’t hesitate to leave a comment about any other ways that golfers and fishermen are the same.

Fish On!

Golf On!


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