Snook And Pinfish Heaven (What An Experience)!


Mullet were flying past my face…

I was just a few inches from getting barbed by a catfish…

And at the last second, I narrowly dodged a stingray encounter.

Luke and I were out with the FWC gathering data on our fisheries, which is what drives their rules and regulations.

And it wasn’t just surveying anglers, taking a joy ride, and crunching numbers…

It was hard work!

We were out there with seine nets catching fish by the hundreds, measuring and counting every single one of them, and recording the data.

Of course, besides the few that were kept for samples, all were safely released.

But I just couldn’t believe the volume of data they have, the precision with which they measure it, or the number of times they’re out there collecting it.

There are groups out there several times per week, every week, all across the state working hard to keep accurate measures of our fisheries.

They’ve been doing this for years, which has allowed them to know exactly how well or poor our fisheries are doing, and it’s this data that helps them decide our rules and regulations.

It’s easy to think that the FWC is just a bunch of suits sitting behind desks telling us we can’t keep certain fish, but after this experience going out with them, I can tell you that these are people who truly love and care about our fish and the environment.

To hear the full story of our experience going out with the FWC and the process by which they collect data to make decisions on our fisheries, check out this podcast episode.

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How The FWC Collects Data [PODCAST]

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Tons of data coming in hot!


If you’re like me, you have a whole new appreciation and respect for the FWC.

These guys are hard workers who absolutely love the environment.

I’m thankful that I got to see firsthand all the thought that goes into the decisions behind managing our fisheries, and I hope this podcast helps you look at fishing conservation and regulations in a new light.

Have any questions about the FWC’s data collection process?

Let me know in the comments below!

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