3 Secrets To Conquer Anxiety Attacks In 30 Days Or Less (Without Drugs)


Do you want to OWN your anxiety attacks (instead of them owning you)?

Want to know the 3 secrets to finally conquering your anxiety?

Then you’re not going to want to miss a minute of this hard-hitting video.

Here’s the deal:

Two weeks ago, I shared my story of dealing with severe (and debilitating) anxiety attacks for 14 years of my life.

It caused me much pain, many missed opportunities in life, and bouts with depression.

I lived my life in FEAR and that’s no way to go through life.

And for many years, I just believed that I would have to live in a constant state of anxiety, fear, and panic for the rest of my life…

But turns out that wasn’t true…

And it’s not true for you either.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy to overcome (because it’s not), and I’d also be lying if I said you can conquer anxiety attacks in a day or two (because you can’t).

However, you can start OWNING it in 30 days or less.

The best news is that I’m going to give you the blueprint that has worked for me (and others) along with a 30-day Challenge that will help change your habits and shift your entire mindset as it comes to anxiety.

All I ask is that you SHARE this with someone you know who needs to hear this.

Thank you again for all of the support.

Here’s the video, the podcast, then followed by the 30-day challenge.

How To End Anxiety Attacks [VIDEO]

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Anxiety Attacks: The Podcast

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30-Day Anxiety Attack Challenge

Before I get into the 30-day challenge, let’s recap what NOT to do:

  1. Avoid excessive uppers.
  2. Avoid excessive alcohol “nothing good happens after 3 drinks in one day” – In fact, my worst anxiety attacks came after hard drinking.
  3. Don’t go on radical diets.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others…social media is not helping… everyone is fighting a battle and you are NOT alone…

The 30-Day Anxiety Challenge:

  1. Practice the breathing technique every morning for 5 minutes (approx 4-second inhale through your nose and then a 6-8 second exhale through your mouth all while saying, “Relax” in your head as you exhale through your mouth)
  2. Write down what you are Grateful for every single morning (you MUST write this down – it can’t just be in your head)
  3. Formulate your MISSION (aka your “Why” aka you “Purpose” aka the “Reason You Wake Up Every Morning” aka “Your Ikigai”) and WRITE it down. Read it DAILY.
  4. Eliminate All NEWS out of your life for 30 days
  5. Keep alcohol to 3 drinks MAXIMUM for any given 24-hour period
  6. Force yourself to say, “This is happening for a reason and I’m grateful for it,” to everything bad that happens in your life over the 30 days (even if you have no idea how it could turn into a positive thing).
  7. Have complete BLIND FAITH in yourself and in God that you will overcome this and visualize how much better your life will be when you overcome your anxiety (have vivid thoughts on what you’d do differently, how much more joy and fulfillment you’ll have in your life).

That’s it.

Do it for 30 days and see what happens.

All I ask is that you do NOT skip a day (or a step).

Finally, shoot me a message at joe@saltstrong.com and let me know the impact it makes in your life.

P.S. – If you think any of your friends or loved ones need to hear this and can benefit from it, please Tag them or Share this with them.

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Bryan Palco
5 months ago

I watched your video 3 weeks ago, and even since then my anxiety has subsided, and my panic attacks has lessen. I did what you told me to write down a journal on what I am thankful in my day, and it made me grateful. If anything, facing this problem has made me fix my relationship with my family, it made me an open person to them and it made me open my feelings about our past relationship. It really took a burden in my shoulder. It made me also look at my past trauma in a different frame, it made forgive myself and the people in my past. I believe that God will always find a way for us to go to him, and I love it. Thank you man. For those who are struggling with anxiety, you are not alone, God is close to the broken hearted and save those who are crushed in spirit.

6 months ago

I came across this video because I’m getting desperate. I’m trying to figure out a way to help my daughter overcome her anxiety. It breaks my heart to hear her cry because she’s afraid to talk to people or the thoughts that run in her mind, causing her to break down. I don’t know what anxiety feels like, but when she describes it to me, I just hate it! I just want to know how to help her so she can live a full life. Your video gave me hope. I sent it to her, begging her to listen to it and not give up on herself. I will take any advice I can get. Your video was the first video that I could get through without losing focus. It was very interesting and i was impressed with everything you said. Thank you so much for helping others ❤️

Last edited 6 months ago by Jen
6 months ago

you talk about eliminate anxiety without meds.. but what about the ones that takes meds and want to eliminate anxiety and meds??

9 months ago

Saw this video last night, definitely have a lot of thinking to do that’s for sure but have a doctors appointment today to further discuss options that might help in my condition. Anxiety is absolutely new to me at least in a crippling manner. I hope anyone experiencing crippling anxiety sees this video and gets the help they need. I wouldn’t wish this upon even my worst enemy. Truly is a terrible feeling.

10 months ago

Really great video and article. I am not a fisher nor have I ever fished, but as somebody who has been struggling with faith, this video came at jus the perfect time in my life. It has helped me tremendously over the past week. I wish you guys much success in your business endeavors and God Bless you all.

10 months ago

I loved it , but at the end when you mentioned crying in shame when you see who you could have became…all that does is scare me, cause i have cried in shame and thats my worst fear, feeling it forever, cause i already do, so what is a positive way of looking at that? cause all i dont find it powerful at all but i want to hear your point of you how it can be powerful. Itll make me feel like im not enough cause i had the choice and still didnt do it..
Show less

10 months ago

Found your video last night. (THANK YOU)

I’m struggling with emotions (anxieties) I lived in California (way to liberal state) all my life and thought that leaving would be best since we became empty nesters. My husband got a job in Texas and now I feel lost and unable to see the positive. I haven’t met anyone. No one seems friendly contrary to what I researched on youtube videos.

Can you kindly give some advise?

Is your book you mentioned in the video still avaiable?

Last edited 10 months ago by Becky
11 months ago

Thanks so much for the video, and being so open. Would love a update video. A check in to see how you have been since the release of this. Your AMAZING, Andddd MOST IMPORTANTLY GOD IS AND im soo THANKFUL you included him. #SHATIMAR

Katherine George
11 months ago

I started feeling better after the Lord showed me how to bless my enemies with my breathing. I was blessing a woman at work who I couldn’t even bring myself to wish her a happy birthday and after several days of blessing her I felt a release and I heard her let out a huge sigh of releaf where satan had been binding us in an ungodly way. All I was breathing was “bless her Lord”. A time before that I worked a temporary job where this woman just kept bossing me around and under my breath I’m saying “bless her Lord” as I rolled my eyes and at the end of the day the Glory of the Lord had been building on me and three people who were watching me pack up my stuff to leave suddenly stepped backwards as I turned to look at them. It was like they all saw Jesus at the same time.

Aranzazu Tapia
1 year ago

This video made me feel less alone. I am a 25 year old woman. I’m married and fairly healthy although I used to be at the gym everyday I can’t find the Strength now to be in public places. Specially not alone. There’s a stigma that man don’t suffer that men are strong, and for a long time I believed that no man could relate to something so scary because they are mentally equipped to ignore it. But thank you so much for this blog and video. It def opened my eyes to so much and it helps to feel like you’re not alone in such a dark battle. I hope to become mentally strong soon. I will do the 30 day challenge ! Thank you thank you


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