How To Use An Anchor Pole (Boat Stick)


How do you properly use an anchor pole (boat stick) as a boat anchor?

When is the best time to use an anchor pole?A

Anchor poles – also known as boat sticks or anchor pins – are an alternative to trolling motors and anchors that stabilize your vessel out on the water.

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How To Use An Anchor Pole (Boat Stick)

By using a boat stick, you will be able to access choke points and areas with a high current that you may not be able to when using a trolling motor.

Additionally, you will avoid spooking off fish in these areas by refraining from using a motor.

As you start to approach where you want to fish, the first thing to do is to slow down and avoid creating a wake.

Have your boat stick laid out and ready at this point as well.

Once you reach about 20-30 feet between you and your target destination, put your boat in neutral.

Let the boat drift in to where you want to set up.

Now you want to go ahead and kneel near the front of your boat where you want to put the boat stick out from.

The key is maintaining safety and taking precautions to avoid falling overboard or injuring yourself.

Insert the boat stick to where you want it and secure it to your boat.

Slowly release the tension on the lanyard and you are anchored up!

It is important to place the boat stick where the wind and current are coming at you.

That way you avoid gliding into any structures around you.

Boat Sticks [VIDEO]

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stick anchor

Boat sticks are extremely useful and effective in keeping you stationary so you can fish a particular point or spot.

Be sure to practice safety and do not miss a step detailed above so you properly employ the boat stick.

Remember to approach the target area slow to avoid hitting any structures around you!

Do you have any more questions on how to use a boat stick?

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Matt Loutzenhiser
7 months ago

Any recommendations for size of the stick on a 24 foot bay boat?

Steven Free
7 months ago

Yea after reading a FL sportsman mag and seeing the add for the stick it pin I decided to buy one considering I rarely anchor especially in water more then about 10 ft I bought one and fell in love with it I bought the one that mounts on the engine bracket it takes just about 10 minutes to mount the bracket all one needs to do is remove 2 of the nuts on the motor mount slide the bracket in place and put the nuts back on then about another 20 min to mount the clips that hold the pole to the inside of the boat I also love it because if you want to travel and have the pin ready to deploy you can just put the pin in the sleeve and a rubber grommet keeps the pin from sliding down any further then you want it to cost is only or at least was that was about 6 years ago when I bought mine 210 bucks including shipping zure beats the at least 2 grand that you would need for a power pole or a talon I never carry another noisy cumbersome regular anchor again works for me😉👍

Pablo Diaz
7 months ago

Great video and tip Richard. I have a kayak with built in Minn Kota trolling motor. Definitely can put this in place when approaching a targeted area

Pat Ogletree
7 months ago

Great video Richard!

I like how you went nice and slow with controlled motions. Very important bit of information!

Great idea with the pool noodle on your pin! I need to do that on mine.

Matt Lanier
7 months ago

Good Information! Safety first!


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