End-To-End Walkthrough Of My Inshore Saltwater Fishing Kayak

Lately, tons of requests have come in for me to show an end-to-end walkthrough of my Inshore Saltwater Fishing Kayak!

I am a Traveling Fishing Coach that bounces around from state to state mostly in the southeast and up to Virginia in search of inshore saltwater fish.

Typically, I use the same exact kayak set up each and every single time I hit the water.

Click the video below to learn more about setting up your own saltwater fishing kayak!!

Inshore Saltwater Fishing Kayak Walkthrough [VIDEO]

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Tackle & Gear

The kayak itself is a 2019 Hobie Outback (12’10” long, 34 inches wide, and weighs about 90 lbs plus all the gear I load on top).

It is an outstanding kayak that is fast and easy to maneuver.

Starting from the bow, I keep my landing net here for easy access and so it is out of my way when fishing.

The EGO S1 Guide Series Landing Net I use floats so I’m not too worried about it falling off the kayak.

Moving along the sides of the kayak, I have one fishing rod holder off to my left.

And I only make use of the single rod holder because two can reduce space and get in the way of you fighting a fish.

I recommend having just the one rod holder next to you and keeping the rest of the fishing rods behind you.

In the center of the kayak is the drive itself with the pedal system.

With any type of drive system in any kayak, I recommend you use a lanyard to secure the drive to the kayak.

The right side of the kayak includes a spot for the GoPro camera I use to record my on-the-water reports.

Moreover, there is a small pocket to my right where I keep the same things in the same spot for every trip.

There are my lip grippers, leader material, and some extra soft plastic lures.

It is a good idea to keep these items in the same place every time to avoid hunting them down.

The pocket off the top left is where I keep all my extra jigheads, hooks, and terminal tackle.

These are out of the way but right where I need them for easy access.

Furthermore, the center console is where I place all my electronics and related items in a waterproof bag.

My GoPro batteries, extra chargers, microphones, etc. all go in that compartment.

I do also make use of the cupholders on either side for quick access to lures and rigging hooks.

Safety Equipment & Additional Items

Each and every single time I hit the water on my kayak, I wear a life jacket.

I wear an Astral Sturgeon Life Jacket for its additional pockets and clips.

I can keep my pliers and clippers close to me to avoid searching for them.

The last thing you want to do is fumble around for things and cause yourself issues when you’re out fishing.

One of my greatest ever finds while fishing was a 5-lb dumbbell that had been attached to a long rope.

When I pulled that out from the ocean, I decided to make that my NEW kayak anchor!

I don’t use it that often, but when I need to anchor up this neat find comes in handy.

Right behind where I sit is where I keep my Engel Cooler that I actually use as a dry tackle box.

➡ More Tackle & Lure Organization Tips for Kayak Fishing

On the side of the dry box are two rod holders where I keep additional rods for the trip.

Plus, I have the plug for the drive in case I need to take it out back behind my seat as well.

A bungee cord secures the kayak paddle on the side and out of the way.

Also, I have a shallow water anchor pin on the left-hand side attached to an anchor trolley.

This is invaluable in shallow water as it keeps you in position when you are fighting fish.

One of my favorite accessories for the kayak is the C-Tug wheels made to assist you in getting the kayak around.

If you don’t have a kayak cart, I recommend getting one of these (Insider Members can get 15% OFF HERE!!)

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Everything on the kayak setup is a work in progress but I’ve finally got it to where I want it.

A HUGE piece of advice for beginners out there is to hit the water and test your kayak before making major alterations and changes.

What do you like or don’t like about my kayak setup? What would you do differently?

Please go ahead and get the conversation started below!!

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Finding The Fish Help

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David Gould
6 months ago

Pat, Thanks for the rundown on your Kayak. I love my 2021 Hobie and set it up similar to yours.

Jeff Snowden
1 year ago

The anchor pole iis worth getting for sure if you are shallow water fishing. I don’t hang the trolley system but use scuper holes or nylon rope to tie off to. Thanks for the details of your boat!

Bill Trask
1 year ago

Thanks. Pat. I use a very similar setup with a Vibe Shearwater 125. Because of the extra tackle storage, I can us my same dry box as a bait tank cooler. Even have the same 5 pound dumbbell for an anchor. Also use a drift sock when fishing Lake Texoma – lots of wind and surface area there. Putting my rods in the back Makes me nervous so I use horizontal holders on the inside rail of the hull. The Shearwater drive is not as good as I’d like, but the kayak will take a Hobie drive – couldn’t find any for a long while but haven’t looked recently (they should move out of CA) sure appreciate what you do for all of us wannabees.

Frank R Misura
1 year ago

what do you keep in the front hatch? rope, extra water, sunblock, tools ??

Robert McCarthy
1 year ago

Thanks Pat…nice yak!! What do you do with the C-Tug once you’re at the water? Do you put it in the back of the kayak, take it apart and stow it in the hull, or take it back to your car? I’m definitely in the market for a cart (I want to transport my kayak across the beach for ocean launches), but I don’t know how best to store it once I’m ready to launch. Thanks for your continued great instructions, and fish-catching videos!!!

Robert McCarthy
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Thanks, I already saw the sand track model…..about $30 more….but didn’t want to disassemble and store inside (didn’t want excessive sand inside my hull). Wasn’t sure if you walked it back to vehicle or if it fit securely bungeed to the back….thanks again for ALL you do for us “newbie-kayakers/fishers”…

Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. I like how you keep it simple and don’t have all of the latest and greatest gadgets. I tend to cast over my left shoulder, so I have learned not to place spare rods on that side… can get tangled.

Salt Strong! Tom

Tony Fleck
1 year ago

Good idea to keep one side clear in case re-entry is necessary after a capsize.

Larry Farlow
1 year ago

Thanks Pat. Very helpful info.

Nathan Forrest
1 year ago

That PFD is awesome. I saw we are similar body types and tried it out 6 months ago. Its been great for me.

Tim DiCicco
1 year ago

Nice set up and great advice!


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