Is This The End Of Facebook Fishing Groups?

By: Joseph Simonds on February 19, 2019
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the end of facebook fishing groups

It’s podcast time!

This week Luke and I bring one of our most controversial topics to the table yet…

Is the end of Facebook fishing groups near?

Listen to this week’s podcast for our take on the current state of Facebook fishing groups and what’s coming in the future.


P.S. What have your experiences been like in Facebook groups?

Let us know in the comments below!

The End Of Facebook Fishing Groups…

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Randal Jones

You guys are right on track with how the negativity festers further problems. It’s true with me as well as many others as to why would we ever put ourselves through it. Nope, just won’t do it. When I do an Insider post it’s a positive warm and fuzzy feeling as I want everyone to experience the same or ever better angling enjoyment I did. I smile when I write it and I smile when I hit “ENTER” and I smile when people respond with kind words and possible enthusiasm to try the same place or bait I did. I get up from my computer and walk away with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. Thanks guys for that avenue. No, I won’t do Facebook or any others so as to avoid ruining the positive natural high one gets from sharing. I give you a lot of credit for trying to tackle the growing demon/monster that will for some sad reason always be lurking and trying to intervene. Good luck in that arena because you’e sure going to need it. In the mean time you’ll catch me on or in the “Insiders “pages. Thank you again for that.

Paul Williams

Guys, spot on as always. I appreciate you doing this pod cast. My wife uses Facebook a lot more than me, I am very occasional user, maybe post here and there, don’t really share much if at all. I use it more for the Market place to buy and sell items than anything. And I rarely comment as the chain sometimes can get very negative. And when it comes to fishing and landing, say sharks, I never post those as people tend to get really mad when you post a picture of a shark, even if it is legal shark for you to keep and eat, you can easily get blown up! So thanks for putting thins one out there and presenting your opinion and thoughts about the future of these groups.

Ed Librick

Joe, Luke good choice to stop facebook. I read comments on some sites and it is like a bully pulpit for some people, don’t need it. I get all of the info from your great web site and the Insider Club. Keep up the great work.

Robert Bulla

That’s why I only pay attention to the Insider group. Too many boneheads on the regular FB page.

Robert Melehan

Hey guys, I really appreciate your “work product”.
Must be nice to pursue and monetize your passion.
Keeping ahead of social media must be a important part of your marketing. But being an ‘Ole’ guy who only knows where the escape key
is on my computer without searching via the hunt and peck method, I can say there are a lot of us who follow your ‘direct email marketing and none others.
I don’t Face-Book, or Face Time, I don’t insta anything much less twitter, twatter, twaddle and any of the other goofy electronic nonsense that seems like it would be a never ending black hole.
Thanks again for your greatly appreciated tips on fishing. Don’t give a second thought to FB etc….

Gary Hartge

Gentlemen and ladies…. gee, why is that such a derogatory statement and no longer something to strive for? Anyway, I only have FB for our band and I am very close to only having family, well selected family, and selected friends in my feed for every issue you brought up. Thank you!

It is amazing how much less stress I have when I can pretty much count on good things from an app that was originally designed to do just that. Keep up the diligence but I have pretty much just moved to the Salt Strong website. I do seem to miss a lot of good content though from the FB page and due to your diligence, I have not seen or experienced any of what you guys described.

Blessings everyone!


Lara Delorenzo-Sims
Lara Delorenzo-Sims

Really great advice, Joe and Luke. If people don’t like something, they can just move on. I wish folks would apply this thought process to political posts, too. Facebook allows people to act like nuts. Unfortunately, the free SaltStrong group is where new people find out about the Insider group, and hopefully become members. For that reason, it may be worth sticking with it.

Roy Noblin

i fully understand the headaches you face with facebook posts. i spend way to much time on it but the fishing tribe is the one i now follow the most. not sure who told me about it but i joined and saw way over 50k people on it. that’s a lot of people to give tips but also opens up a few i have no use for and their comments. as i recall fishing tribe is a closed group but the posts are public i think. i quit keeping up with data communication and programming about 12 years ago but after 30 years i fully know how it changes on a daily basis. i still research a little but mostly ignor and only look at fishing tips. so correct if i am wrong but in facebook i think if you make your page friends instead of public, only those who you accepted can see or comment on your posts mostly. i have see a few friends of my friends posts on my page that i tried to be nice but wound up blocking them. my friend can deal with them and one sent me message they were a relative and had no choice. well i have a few of my relatives blocked but that’s another story 🙂 i notice this says fishing club and not sure where it came from. i have tribe and insider in my list and jacanda and others keep putting things in some app that is in those smarter than me phones, well i’m to old and been there done that to long to want to learn it so i don’t see them. well as usual i see i am spending more time talking and not fixing my boat so i can get back on the water but hey i do the same thing at the ramp, meet a lot of good people there and some not so nice but the good locals are real helpful and i’ve learned a lot from them. that is the same here so i hate to see it go away due to a few bad apples but i can also see keeping up with all the pages you have is a real chore. to end this one you mentioned was ryan jouppi. i sure hate to see him leave the group as he has been a real asset. i went back and found the post as it brought teats to my eyes. i did not reread all the comments but did see a few where it looked like a couple friends were poking fun ate each other, not ryan but there were a lot of comments and some may have. face book has a jail, guess how i know :), and why can’t it be used for those negative ones. facebook has millions and has a way of doing it automatically i guess so perhaps that is and option. getting back to ryan’s post i dream of one day catching that over 30 trout much the same as most my life i dreamed of that 12 point walking under my stand. my guess it will happen the same, ill release the trout and not mount the same as i did many good racks they look prettier in the woods than on walls but that’s me. so why did it make me cry? because i mentioned how do i photo chop to put me holding that beautiful fish and ryan came back with an even bigger one so i do not think he saw any offence and i assure you none was intended. i would love to spend a day on the water with him as he seems to be a true fisherman who love to catch fish. so back to the cry, kevin did a photo chop of my dog hammer holding that fish and it is saved in my photo aibum of hammer. that dog was the love of my life and how i envoy luke being young and able to pull otis back into the boat. hammer was why over weight about 170 lbs and i realized i could never get him back in if he jumped in so i was never able to take him. today i wish i had rigged a wench and took him. well i’m crying again so i will close and all i should have said was take a load off and cut back to one page, just please let me know which one as fishing is now my life.

Edwin Ladd Northuis
Edwin Ladd Northuis

Facebook in general has gone down hill and is losing members. Way too much negativity for me so I unfriended 90% of my followers and pretty much only use facebook for my business page and 3 fishing groups I belong to. Salt Strong is tame compared to some of the stuff I saw on Facebook and for the most part I have found your group friendly and helpful. Its pretty easy for me to ignore the occasional disruptions.

Oather Alred

I ditched FB years ago. I get great info from you without it. I catch tons of fish and don’t have to deal with FB. Keep up the great work!!

Frank Spina
Frank Spina

Dear Simmons’s Brothers thank you for what you are doing to help us catch more fish. Your content is always good and helpful. I live in Texas and enjoy fishing in the Corpus Christi area for trout and redfish. Sorry for the idiots who are ruining a good thing. Sometimes bigger is not always better. Keep up the good work and your oversight. A loyal fan.

Kenneth Drum

I am a medically retired emt / firefighter firefighter who lives month to month. and i enjoy your feed !!!
I can not afford to be a paid member but i enjoy what i learn from your channel !!!
Please dont take it away from us little people !!!
Thank You for all you do again !!!!

Alan Bender

I passed up joining your recent offer only because the communication among members was through Facebook. I hope in the future there is another avenue besides Facebook. I wonder if a Salt Strong forum like the Hull Truth or Pensacola Fishing Forum has divided up with various sections like regions in each state then sections (kayak, wade fishing, boats (inshore, offshore, pier, surf), just to name a few. And have a moderator.
Glad to be on board Salt Strong you all are doing a great work.

Luke Simonds

I am pleased to report that the future is here already Alan:) The private Salt Strong Community platform is live, and it can all be segmented by region, kayak/sup/boat/shore, and many more (even combinations of segments like kayak fishing reports in Pensacola). Here’s a link to the home page of the private community:


I agree!

Rick Lent
Rick Lent

Sorry to hear about all the flack some folk are dishijg out. Salt strong is the only FB site I follow. I have not seen the disputing comments you have shielded me from. Thanks, life is too short to belittle anybody.

If I was you, I think the public site should disable all feedback except positive emojis.😇

I am disabled and now retired, still dreaming of a trout or Red bite in Florida when I get to my retirement condo.

Glad for all the shots and story by the content posters, let’s me dream sweet.

Thanks guys for the viewpoint and character of your efforts. Live Salt Strong and happy!

Luke Simonds

Thanks for making time to leave the nice comment Rick! Hope you are able to get down to FL soon to catch some fun trout and reds.

Gregory Ramko

I don’t have the solution. I have been here almost at the onset of Saltstrong. It was a much friendlier group back then with less members. I used to post my catches, but now I only post funny memes because I don’t seem to get attacked. Saltstrong is still much tamer than many other fishing sites. It’s a shame that people can’t behave. I like seeing posts from people around the world and being able to interact with them. The insider group is great, but you probably miss out on meeting some of these people. Luke and Joe you have been a class act since the beginning. Its saddening that you attention gets diverted from the perfecting of Saltstrong by some people’s behavior. All I can say is no jerks or naysayers will keep me away from the Saltstrong family.

Luke Simonds

Thanks so much for your continued support Gregory!

John Hardiman

If you’re not dedicated enough to join The SaltStrong nation you should not be allowed to be on the SaltStrong Facebook group….

Luke Simonds

Thanks for the kind words John!