How To Keep Soft Plastic Fishing Lures From Sliding Down The Hook


Are you sick of your soft plastic fishing lures sliding down your swimbait hooks?

It happens a lot, and if it happens while you’re retrieving your lure, you’re almost guaranteed to not catch fish.

If you skin-hook your lure, you’ll eventually run into the same problem as you tear up the top of your bait.

So what can you do?

Well, I recently found a simple hack to help stop your lure from sliding down.

It’s a simple DIY project and requires just a small piece of rubber tubing.

Check out the video below.

Keeping Soft Plastic Lures In Place [VIDEO]

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By simply putting a little silicone square underneath your lure, it’s much more likely to not slide down your hook.

Do you have any other ways of keeping your lures from sliding down your hooks?

Have any questions about this tip?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Barry Howell
1 year ago

Old bobber stops bushed in the nose of the hook than slid under the belly of the swimbait works well too. I think it’s better but great idea

James McKinney
1 year ago

I have used small pieces or rubber band to accomplish this. They are cheap and you can toss a dozen in your tackle tray. I agree on the comment to cut a bigger piece then trim it on the hook to make it easier to get on without sticking the hook in your finger, I stick my self often enough anyway…might as well avoid any additional piercings you don’t need.

Rex Russo
1 year ago

Use a bobber stop knot to keep it in place, or those rubber stops. For the rubber stops, you will need the largest size. Hook the loop on the barb and then push the stop onto the hook past the barb. It can be tough if the barb rides high. Maybe one day they’ll make a special stop for the application.

Barry Howell
1 year ago
Reply to  Rex Russo

I didn’t read your comment before posting, but that’s what works for me too

Ron Langford
3 years ago

Thanks Tony, I tried it today and works great. Didn’t help the slow bite but my baits stayed in place all day- Ron

James Roach
3 years ago

Tony, great tip! You must have been eating smart pills! I can’t wait to try it on my slam shady.

Ted Springer
3 years ago

After you’ve caught a number of fish on a soft plastic lure, whether paddle tail, jerk bait, etc. not only does the hook start to slide down, but the lure head also starts to tear. My solution is to bite a bit of the head off the lure and re-rig it. This gives you fresh material to screw into and a fresh entry point for the hook on the lure body. There’s a limit to how much you can shorten the lure, obviously, before the hook starts to affect the action of the tail. That’s another reason I prefer short shank hooks. I’m probably not the only person to use this trick.

Bob Bulla
3 years ago

Nice tip Tony, thanks.

Bob McEneaney
3 years ago

Always have trouble getting that little piece of tubing on the hook without taking a lot of time or sticking my self. The solution for me is to cut the tubing lengthwise for a few inches and then put the hook through the end of that cut tubing. Goes on pretty easy that way. Then cut that little piece off the end. Much easier to get it on the hook this way.

Nick Nemeth
3 years ago

This is definitely a good solution to a problem we face. I can’t wait to hear of some other household items that might work as well.


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

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