Must Have Fishing Apps For Your Phone (What The Pros Use)


Want to know what fishing apps our fishing coaches use on a weekly basis?

It might surprise you but the best anglers keep it really simple when it comes to fishing apps.

From a 30,000 foot view, the main things you really need as a saltwater angler are weather, radar, tides, current flow, wind direction, satellite maps, and of course, an amazing online community of anglers.

In reality, you don’t need individual apps for each of these benefits above.

So listen in as we share our must-have fishing apps.

Check it out below!

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Must-Have Fishing Apps [VIDEO]

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Must-Have Fishing Apps [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:21 – Kayak launch points or wade fishing spots
  • 4:11 – Things to look at before a fishing trip and why it’s important
  • 4:57 – Be able to see the radar when you’re out on the water
  • 5:50 – Checking NOAA for wind, precipitation, trends
  • 8:14 – The apps are all using the same data
  • 11:46 – Use this app to determine fish species
  • 13:50 – You must know the tides, use these apps
  • 14:12 – The app that helps you know what the current flow is for an area
  • 18:12 – Fishing points app and new features
  • 19:32 – Map that will help you see what
  • 20:41 – Navionics app (fresh and saltwater)
  • 22:49 – Google Earth & Google Maps
  • 25:07 – Smart Fishing Tides app
  • 28:25 – The Insider Community progressive app


salt strong app

The bottom line with apps is to keep it simple!

Find the combination of apps that get you the weather, tides, map feature, and fish identification charts, and you should be all set!

What apps do you like to use?

Let us know down in the comments!!

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Walt DeWitt
30 days ago

I’ve been in the roofing industry for 30+ yrs in Florida, So I rely on My Radar. While watching this vid I was prompted that “rain starting in 20 minutes, lasting 2 hours”. Not roofing today! It’s accurate and free. Of course I use My Radar while kayak fishing the 3 bridges area of Port Orange, as well as the east coast.

Steve Miller
1 month ago

Thanks guys. I have been saving this video until I rebooted my phone. I had way too many fishing apps and others and wanted a fresh start. More important is that I wanted to keep it “SIMPLE.” Anywho…I finally did the reboot and watched the video. I will give all of the apps a look see, but feel in the end I really can narrow it down to the Smart Fishing Tides app and a couple of others.

Joseph Crawford
1 month ago

Another good weather, wind & waves program is Ventusky. It uses several weather models to provide world wide coverage and comes as a website (i.e., and an app for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple App store. At least for the US mid-Atlantic region I’ve found it much more accurate than either the Weather Channel or Accuweather.

Mark Brock
1 month ago

Windfinder app is free and one of the most accurate by the hour. I use it for pre-planning to see what direction the wind is blowing.

Mark Noel
1 month ago

I use HuntStand and FarWide for private property information, both are similar to OnX. FarWide is still free (I believe) and is nationwide. HuntStand is a yearly subscription and it too is nationwide.

Matthew Hampson
1 month ago

‘Simplicity Specialist’

Hey guys! Matt Hampson here! I’m a musician originally from NY….love your stuff. I can totally write you a fun ‘simplicity specialist’ jingle-type tune if you’d like. Contact me. Let’s talk about:)

Journey of the Fishhugger
1 month ago

I like MyRadar for my phone to see storm activity. Seems to load faster and easier than other weather apps while on the water. I also like Windy for a good real time look at winds. Still looking for a tidal app I like. Not a fan of Tides Near Me. Too much work to find info where I am at a given moment.

1 month ago

How does one access “Smart Fishing Tides”?

Steve Miller
1 month ago
Reply to  Steve

Aaron Lineberry
1 month ago

anyone tried? ( Fish Weather) App! petty full info for whats happen where your going to fish.

John Murray
1 month ago

I use windfinder and Sofar Spotter for wind and wave height and the BoatUS app has good info including small craft advisories!


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