The Pocket-Size Battery Charger Strong Enough To Jump Start Your Boat! [VIDEO REVIEW]

By: Joseph Simonds on May 10, 2016
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nautic start battery charger

Have you ever had your phone, GoPro, handheld GPS, or any other accessory run out of batteries while out on the water or out camping?

Have you ever had your trolling motor battery or main boat battery dry up and need a jump start?

Well, this amazing new battery charger called the “Nautic Start” can solve both problems at once.

It’s pretty darn cool!

And the best news is that it is so small it can fit in your hand and hardly takes up any space!

Ever since we found out about this “Nautic Start” kit from Nautica Sport, Luke and I have had one in our boat’s dry storage.

Check it out.

Quick Facts On The Nautic Start Battery Charger

  • The actual Nautic Start battery charger is small enough to fit in your hand or pocket
  • It comes with pretty much every charging cord imaginable (iPhone 6 charger, tablet charger, and even gator clamps to jump your battery)
  • It can power your phones, handheld GPS, GoPro, laptop, etc for hours
  • It is powerful enough to jumpstart up to 8 different 12-Volt car or boat batteries!
  • It can charge 10+ cell phones from dead to fully charged!
  • The Nautic Start battery (and all of the cords/outputs) come in a small, water-resistant case that can fit pretty much anywhere
  • 3-way flashlight built in
  • Ideal for boaters, campers, or anyone that spends time away from an electrical outlet and wants to have the ultimate backup battery
  • Comes in two sizes
    • Nautic Start II (shown in the review) – 18,000 MAH Lithium Reserve Power Source
    • Nautic Start Original – 12,000 MAH Lithium Reserve Power Source

Pros Of The Nautic Start II

nautic start battery charger

  • The actual battery charger is so small it fits in your hand, pocket, boat storage, or glove compartment
  • Comes with a water resistant (and floating) case
  • Comes with pretty much every type of charging adapter you can imagine
  • It can charge 10+ cell phones from dead to fully charged
  • Powerful enough to jump start eight 12-volt batteries on a single charge
  • Only takes 8 hours to fully charge the Nautic Start
  • Once charged, it will last 6 months in storage before you need to charge again
  • Has built-in safety features that prevent short circuits and overcharging
  • Three-way LED light built into the charger!
    • Flash Light
    • Strobe Light
    • SOS Emergency Light
  • It’s entirely affordable and priced right for a combination of an accessory charger plus 12-volt battery jump starter
    • $199 for the Nautic Start II (before the 10% discount below)
    • $119 for the Nautic Start Original (before the 10% discount below)

Cons Of The Nautic Start II

nautic start battery charger kit

  • The only real con we have found with this is that it doesn’t come with an adapter for a 3-pronged electrical cord (like charging a computer, etc).
  • But other than that, it has everything you could ever need in an emergency battery charger.

10% Off The Nautic Start Power Source!

nautic start jump start battery

After talking with the guys who created this cool battery charger emergency kit, we told them how much we personally loved it, so they gave us (and the entire Salt Strong audience) 20% off any of their Nautic Start battery power kits.

To get your 10% off the Nautic Start battery chargers, do the following:

  1. Go to the Nautic Sport “jump starter” page here
  2. Pick which version fits you best
  3. Use the following discount code at checkout: saltstrong (all lower case)

We highly recommend anyone that spends time out in a boat (or even camping) to get one of these and have it with you at all times.

You never know when you might need it.

Our boat doesn’t take off without a Nautic Start on board!

Check out the video review below.

Nautic Start II Video Review

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Over the past few years, I have been through a couple of different backup battery chargers for my accessories (like my iPhone and GoPro while out on a boat).

Some have worked pretty well, while others barely worked…

But this Nautic Start not only works incredibly well to charge up any of your small accessories, but it can also act as an emergency jump starter for your car or boat.

The fact that it can fit in your car glove compartment, kayak storage, or boat storage area is pretty awesome.

Regardless if you buy a back-up battery charger like this from Nautic Sport or someone else, we urge every boater to have one of these in their boats.

You never know when you might need it, and it could save you a ton of time and money if you ever did have a battery problem while out in the boat (or in the woods).

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Pat Crock

Nautic Sport does sell a set of laptop adapters separately as well and they plug into the 19.5amp 3.5v port, for charging a variety of different laptops…

Thanks for the support, Salt Strong…