My First Nearshore Reef Trip Of The Summer [Cobia & Surprise Snook]

The wind forecast on a recent trip I was on was very light, so I decided to head out on my first nearshore reef trip of the year to see if there was any feeding activity.

Our trolling motor was getting services, so I decided to just drift over the reef while bouncing Power Prawn USA jigs along the bottom.

As soon as I had the first bite of the morning, I knew I made a great decision… see video for details.

Nearshore Reef Fishing

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Nearshore reef fishing sure can be productive even if you don’t have any live bait or a trolling motor.

The Power Prawn lures rigged on Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads have been shocking effective for catching a variety of species… here’s a quick list of what I have been catching out there recently:

  • cobia
  • snook
  • gag grouper
  • mangrove snapper
  • flounder
  • sea bass
  • Spanish mackerel

Your Feedback Needed

I’ll be doing MANY more trips to nearshore reefs this summer, so please let me know about any specific topics you’d like me to focus on using the Comment feed below.

This was my first nearshore reef trip of the year but I plan to get out and hit more reefs soon!

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Jan Radjeski
9 months ago

Another great fun report. I like the way the cobia handled himself in the netting experience. Thanks for emphasizing the drifting aspect. How far offshore does your phone still receive the smart spots?

William Travers
9 months ago

That was fun. I was holding my breath on landing the cobia. Glad you did not go for a swim!

Amy Lombardo
9 months ago

That was a fun video!!!

Randy Edwards, Ph.D. (Marine Science)
9 months ago

It would make the post at least pertinent if you were to give us some idea of what area you were fishing….no need to give specific location, but at least a reasonably general idea. Obvioulsy with the sun rising, it would indicate it was on the East Coast ( or was the sun setting???). Some things that work in one area are not all that good in others.

Craig Estes
9 months ago

wow great for here around Cape Coral.

Thomas Camman
9 months ago

Nice snook ! The reel look like it was spooled with gray j-braid I don’t remember you saying anything about the color..?

George Layton
9 months ago

A GREEN Cobia can be VERY belligerent, what a catch Luke, congrats & thanks so much for sharing !! P.S. That rod is REALLY going to be a pleasure to fish with !!!!

Frank Hunnes
9 months ago

Luke, that was a great trip. Thanks for the video and tips! The reef location on the smart fishing app is great.

Mario Relvini
9 months ago

Those were two very nice fish Luke! Never in a million years would I expect a snook being that far out there.

Todd Ethier
9 months ago

Seems as if there should be a challenge…… On nearshore reefs, does the power prawn catch as many fish as live bait?

Let’s GOOOO!!!!!


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