Meet The NEW Salt Strong Fishing Coach!!!

We hired a NEW Salt Strong Fishing Coach!!!

Rich Natoli has been an Insider Member for years and even started his own fishing-themed podcast.

Rich covers the Northeast Region from Maryland up through the entire northeast.

Listen in and welcome Rich to the Salt Strong Team!

Meet The NEW Salt Strong Fishing Coach [PODCAST]

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Meet The NEW Salt Strong Fishing Coach [VIDEO]

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From sheepshead to bluefish to stripers, Rich has got you covered!!

We’re so lucky to be able to bring Rich aboard and provide our members up North with consistent content.

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask Rich?

Let us know in the comments section under this article!!

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Rutledge Workman
3 months ago

Glad to see you joining the team. I live in SC. I love to hear about and learn about different species, techniques, etc. even if I’m not targeting those waters (Yet). The Salt Strong content has been fairly “Florida-centric” but it’s great to see coaches farther up the east coast. You have a great demeanor and I look forward to seeing your videos.

Rich Natoli
3 months ago

Thank you Rutledge! I am extremely excited to add more range into the content for Salt Strong Insiders. Over the years I have found a wealth of information provided by the southern coaches that translated directly to the mid-Atlantic and northeast. I hope to do the same.

James Shork
3 months ago

Welcome Rich. I’m looking forward to your area fishing tips. Live in Daytona Beach but grew up fishing NE in Margate, NJ .Late 1960’s and 70’s. Recently saw your Youtube channel “Grinding out some Big Sheepshead” never caught one back then; knew about Sheepshead Bay NY but no fish. Have to get back up. looking forward to Tautog report; used heavy handline between rocks on jetties as a kid. All the Best to you. will subscibe Fat Dad Fishing.

Rich Natoli
3 months ago
Reply to  James Shork

Thanks James. If you make it back up to the area let me know. Would love to get on the water with you. I do a lot of fishing in the Margate area. I will be doing plenty of Tautog can count on that!

Rod Rice
3 months ago

Rich, welcome to the family. I used to live in Maryland and light tackle fished up and down the Mid-Atlantic area both in the Chesapeake Bay and nearshore/offshore (Mostly out of Chincoteague, VA). The CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel) at the mouth of the bay is one of my favorite areas of all time.

Are you going to be kayak fishing in the winter, or just in the spring/summer/fall?

Right now (Mid October) should be a great time to go out “Mid-Bay” and look for the stripers, bluefish, spanish, and weakfish going after baitballs of Bay anchovies, Silversides, Bunker, etc.

If only I had Z-Man Jerk ShadZ in the Slam Shady color… it would’ve save a lot of money on soft plastics 😉

Rich Natoli
3 months ago
Reply to  Rod Rice

Thank you Rod! I will be kayak fishing 12 months out of the year. I am hoping to get to the mid to upper bay area next week depending on the wind forecasts. And good idea on the Jerk ShadZ in Slam Shady!

Rod Rice
3 months ago
Reply to  Rich Natoli

In the mid-bay area the “runners and gunners” will make it very difficult for fishing out of a kayak, plus throw in 2′ waves and boat wakes. The Choptank River and Little Choptank River areas should offer you a wide range of protected fishing areas on the Eastern shore for going out in a kayak… hope you find ’em.

Last edited 3 months ago by Rod Rice
Rich Natoli
3 months ago
Reply to  Rod Rice

If very accustomed to the runners and gunners…and even those that intentionally try to wave the kayaks. Holiday weekends along the NJ coast can be brutal. I’m already planning a trip to the Choptank. Thanks for the heads-up!

Rod Rice
3 months ago
Reply to  Rich Natoli

Take a look at Slaughter Creek Marina off the Little Choptank… hope the winds cooperate.

Mark R. Johnson
3 months ago

Welcome aboard Rich. Congrats ! Glad you are here supporting these areas. With being in MD, we kind of felt like that ugly duckling of the Salt Strong community where we weren’t the niche’ of where Salt Strong was focused. I followed John Skinner before finding Salt Strong since he focused on the same species in our area. There are a number of other local resources I follow for fishing information as well. I’m looking forward to your tips and videos in our area.

Last edited 3 months ago by Mark R. Johnson
Rich Natoli
3 months ago

Thank you Mark. I’m planning many trips to MD to ensure I represent the area well. Looking forward to putting out a lot of content!

Robert Kuralowicz
3 months ago

Great to see Rich is part of the team. Looking forward to more Northeast tips.

Rich Natoli
3 months ago

Thanks Robert! I’m extremely excited to be a part of the team! The first videos are coming up!


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