New Hoss Weedless Football Jighead Sizes Are Here!

I’m pleased to report that we now have some new size options for the Hoss Weedless Football Jigheads!

These jigheads are extremely good at enabling us to fish tight to structure without getting snagged.

Here are the new size options for these popular jigheads:

To see these new jigheads, click on the video below!

New Weedless Football Jighead Sizes

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Using Weedless Football Jigs On Reefs

Here’s a video showing one of my favorite use cases for these weedless football jigheads… bouncing lures through thick structure:

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If you plan to fish structure from 3 ft of water down to 100+ ft with soft plastic lures, these jigheads will be a huge benefit because they are easy to rig and they come with hooks that are strong enough to handle powerful fish.

Personally, I have found these jigheads paired with Power Prawn USA lures to be the biggest boost of all to my fishing over the past year since I can finally fish deep structure areas without constantly getting snagged on the bottom.

Please use the Comment field below if you have any questions.

Tight Lines!

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Douglas Hutzler
3 months ago

I am going to have to give the power prawn a try on some offshore fish. Good example on its use.

Alex Faugno
5 months ago

Any talk of making the hoss weedless football jigs in 1/8 oz for the shallows?

Mark R Johnson
5 months ago

That new prototype rod looks promising!

Minister Brian Bordley
5 months ago

Originally I asked what was the jig head now I know, 2oz is perfect for seabass in Nj 90′ with powerprawn on on Alabama

Ronald Peedin
5 months ago

good to know

Michael Cooper
5 months ago

Nice fish and I like that u now have the heavy foot ball set up

Thomas Simone
5 months ago

That bullfight was intense. Rod did just fine. I presume your “prototype” rod is not the Slot Machine?

Jim Farley
5 months ago

Nice ! It would also be nice to have an oz and a half too I use that size alot for rock fish I’m md

Last edited 5 months ago by Jim Farley
Robert Kuralowicz
5 months ago

I was a big fan of the Tex-L Texas Eye, but it tears up anything but Z-Man soft plastics. I switched to the Hoss Football when I saw them. Love the new larger sizes for Fluke and Striper fishing here in the northeast. Great jig to use around jetties and rocks especially if you’re land based and need some casting distance. .

william Faulhaber
5 months ago

Thanks for adding the link to the depth guide below..


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