How To Catch Overslot Snook Using These Artificial Shrimp


What do you do when you see someone post a picture of a big fish online?

You probably wonder where they were, or what they caught it on, and then move on…

But when someone posts picture after picture of massive snook, redfish, cobia, permit, and other species, then you wonder, “What are they doing differently?”

This is exactly what happened with today’s podcast guest, Marcos Baldo.

Marcos and his wife, Luana, are fish-catching machines.

They constantly post pictures of huge fish in the Salt Strong Insider Community and I finally had to reach out to him and ask what their secret is.

They graciously invited Luke and me down to Southwest Florida to go fishing with them and show us exactly what they were doing and let me just say, these folks are the real deal.

big snook in pass

We caught loads of massive snook, but we weren’t fishing in spots most people target snook, and we weren’t using a lure that most people use to target snook with.

Because his tactics are so unconventional, I convinced Marcos to come on the podcast with me.

He shared a ton, including:

  • What types of areas he’s catching huge numbers of big snook
  • How much current affects fishing
  • His favorite lure (that nobody else uses)
  • Why heavy jig heads work better than lighter ones (this one surprised me!)
  • And much more

Here’s just one of the many monster snook we caught with Marcos and Luana that day (all on artificial shrimp)

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How To Catch Overslot Snook [PODCAST]

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I still can’t believe this was the very snook that stole my lure earlier.

How crazy!


big snook tips

It’s crazy to think that Marcos ever had bad days on the water, but like he said in the podcast, there were times when he struggled.

There were times when he would go out and get skunked, but now he’s catching monster snook with his wife nearly every day!

Marcos kept trying new things and didn’t give up, so if you’re struggling now, remember this story.

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To keep up with him and Luana on Instagram and see their incredible fish pics, follow them at the links below:

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Steve S
3 years ago

Was curious are these the same shrimp baits as the Monster 3x shrimp? They look exactly the same and are also from Brazil?

Steve S
3 years ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Cool thanks Joe

Kyle Berwick
3 years ago

This was a great podcast and no I am hooked on these podcasts. What a great venue to really hear in-depth discussion about new discoveries and techniques. Like everyone has said, can’t wait to see the visuals about how ur depth finder, approach, target location spotlock and jigging technique come together and u haul up a monster snook. U guys NEVER disappoint me that I have been a faithful member for 5 years now. Thank U!

Dale Fluty
3 years ago

I have been trying to locate these snook lures and not having any luck. Hoping you can help.

Corey Cobb
3 years ago

I’m seeing a lot of gear unavailable ATM. How about a DIY on how to cast your own silicone soft bodies or 3D print molds or something?

Tim Benson
3 years ago

Outstanding information guys. Marcos has shown great photos and shared info on his posts, and this brought it to a new level. The technique is similar to the way I learned to fish for big deepwater walleye in northern Minnesota.

Thank you Marcos and Simonds brothers!

Maria Faedo
3 years ago

Where can I buy some of those USB Shrimp. That Marco makes

Marc Wisniewski
3 years ago

Wow, …. talk about throwing everything I thought I knew out the window… This was an awesome interview. More with these two some day!

Richard Fiorentino
3 years ago

Did you make a video of this trip?

Richard Fiorentino
3 years ago

So when is Sal Strong going to start carrying these lures?

Edward S Gabriel
3 years ago

USB lures has FB page but site appears to be down….


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