Owner TwistLock Swimbait Hook Review [1/8 Oz vs. 1/16 Oz]


One of my favorite hooks to use with soft plastics is the Owner TwistLock hook.

I catch the majority of my fish using soft plastics rigged on this hook — specifically the 3/0 1/16 oz hook.

However, I recently found out that they have the same hook but with a 1/8 oz weight, instead of 1/16 oz.

So in this video, I’m going to share with you:

  • when I would use 1/16 oz vs. 1/8 oz
  • a simple trick to make this hook dive down faster (or slower, if you want)
  • how to rig soft plastics on these hooks

Let’s dive in!

Owner TwistLock 1/8 Oz Hook Review [VIDEO]

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Here’s when I would use these two hooks:

1/16 Oz:

  • When I’m fishing in water 4 feet or less

1/8 Oz:

  • When I’m fishing in water deeper than 4 feet (around docks, for example)
  • If the current is very strong
  • If it’s very windy (the extra weight will let you cast farther)

Now, let’s say you wanted to get your bait to dive down even faster.

What can you do?

Well, the weight can actually be slid up and down the shank of the hook, and I’ve found that if you scoot the weight towards the eye of the hook, it will act like a jig head and let your lure dive faster.

The opposite is true, too.

If you want a slower fall, you can move the weight away from the eye of the hook, which will cause your lure to sink slower.

To move the weight up and down the hook, just get some pliers, grab and spin the weight around the hook to loosen it up, then move it.

When you have the hook where you want it to go, just crimp it down, similar to a split shot.


speckled trout on owner twistlock hook

I love using Owner TwistLock hooks with soft plastics when I’m fishing shallow water.

If I’m fishing in water less than four feet, I normally go with the 1/16 oz, but if there’s a lot of wind or current, or if I’m fishing deeper water, such as near docks, then I’d go with the 1/8 oz version.

And if you want to get your lure to dive down even faster, you can move the weight towards the eye of the hook.

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Have any questions about the 3/0 1/8 oz Owner TwistLock Hook?

Let me know in the comments below!

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DW Wamsley
4 years ago

Thanks again for the tips on Owner twistlock hooks. I didn’t know that you can slide the weight up and down the hook shaft. I definitely will try it.

4 years ago

I think Twistlock hooks would work better for elastech baits if the spring was longer. They frustrate me! No problem with soft plastics. I dug up a hook I had with a longer spring and the bait went on way easier than the present Twistlocks. Not sure how to post a picture of the hook.


4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

The problem I have is getting them started. Once I do, I can get them all the way up the spring, eventually. I can put a plastic bait on in 5 sec. It takes me 5 minutes to put a Z-man on. It is way easier with a little longer spring. I sent a letter to Twistlock suggesting they make a hook with a longer spring for elastech baits.

4 years ago

I dont know. I have 2 packs of ownet twistlocks and to be honest,the pins on the twistlocks are far off center. I bave to guess where to stick the center pins and PRAY after i twist the bait on that the spring is centerd in the bait. 9 times out of 10 it’s not and then its keep unscrewing and rescrewing the bait on the spring u til the bait is ruined. Or its a bigger nightmare with zman baits. Ever try to take a zman off and re rig it? Nightmare. Thats my complaint with owner twistlocks. 6 hooks for $16 that I cant use. Maybe every pack i got was defective. I dont know.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I guess you can get a bad anything. Prob a bad batch etc…not the first time. Im still trying to figure out a way to bend the pin straight without ruinig the coil. Its pretty stiff wire. Im not done w them yet. I do like the hook…just want it to work.

Richard Fiorentino
4 years ago

Thanks Tony. When weeds are not an issue, would you prefer a 1/4 ounce twist lock over a 1/4 ounce jig head? Thanks

Frank Murray
4 years ago

Would adding a split shot for more weight change the action noticeably or turn fish off?

Anthony Aultman
4 years ago

Have your ever review the bottom sweeper jig?

Tim Sefried
4 years ago

I still have a few off set weighted jigs with out the twistlock for the soft plastics. Would like to know how to rig properly. Before and after tying on the line. Maybe you have done a video on this?

tony ellis
4 years ago

yes I use twist lock and I can say they are good combo with soft plastics

Joseph Brumley
4 years ago

I use the Owner Twist Lock 1/16 oz with a Strike King Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad for Largemouth Bass in shallow weedy water and they are flat out deadly. By far the most productive combo I have found for shallow water Bass. They are also good to use like a frog and throw out into thick lily pads and then slowly bring through the pads and plop them down into an open pocket of water and hang on. Drives Bass crazy.

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

Have to say I’m not a fan of using twistlock hooks on elastech which is my go-to soft plastic. Grip pin / chin lock hooks work really well on them.

Richard Fiorentino
4 years ago
Reply to  Gary Rankel

Same here. I use the chin locks with Zmans. Much easier to rig.


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