Penn Spinfisher VI Review: Pros, Cons, And Updates


It’s reel review time!

Looking for a tough, new spinning reel?

Then you’ve got to check out the Penn Spinfisher VI!

In this video, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of it so you can see if it’s the right reel for you.

Check it out below!

Penn Spinfisher VI Review [VIDEO]

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Here are the pros and cons of the new Penn Spinfisher VI:


  • Yardage marks on the spool to let you know how much line you have out
  • High-quality HT-100 drag system
  • Fully sealed spool and gearbox


  • Heavier than many comparable reels
  • Not as smooth as many comparable reels
  • Old-school design

It’s also important to note that Penn makes two versions of the Spinfisher: the standard and the long cast.

The only difference is that the long cast has a taller spool, which allows you to cast farther.

This is especially great for surf fisherman that want to toss their lures 100 yards out from the beach.


penn spinfisher 6 review

These days, most companies are trying to design the lightest, strongest, smoothest reel.

That’s not Penn’s goal with the Spinfisher VI.

It’s a tough reel that can take a beating and still perform just like the day you took it out of the box.

You can get these reels from our shop here:

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5 months ago

Have a Penn spinfisher VI 3500, and in two outing the gears are stripped, not worth the money, have many other Penn reals conventional and spinner and never had this kind of problem. Jane been fishing for over 50 years.

John Penn
2 years ago

I own Penn Spinfisher V SSV7500 model, mounted on a 12’ Shakespeare Big Water Heavy Duty Surf Rod Ugly Stix,, I also have the Spinfisher V 5500 model minted on a 7’ Shakespeare Big Water Heavy Surf Rod, as well as a Penn Battle II 3000 model on a 6’ medium action Shakespeare Ugly Stix. I do not fish with anything other than these set ups. THEY ARE GREAT TOGETHER, reliable , strong, capable , and durable. I will be on the Atlantic side of Florida in two weeks and I hope to slay some monster fish,,ie,, King Mac., Drum, Snook, Shark, etc…
If I do not slay a freezer full it will be my fault,, not my fishing gear’s fault.
Happy Fishing Y’all !!! 👍🤠

2 years ago

One up for the Penn reels. Very tough, trouble free provided you maintain them after every trip, simple mechanism , spares are easily available. That’s all I own and suits my style of surf casting and resting in the sand spike. But for those into UL fishing the Japanese models could be more suitable. I would never buy anything other than Penn for the time being. The reels I own are over 4 years and not a single component has been replaced. I DIY the occasional greasing and cleaning , still smooth as out of the box. May be I’m a fan boy ❗️

John O'Donnell
3 years ago

Guys, Can you tell me what Google version you are using for your pre trip planning? Mine doesn’t seem to be as clear as yours. Thanks. JOD

Scott Rose
3 years ago

Im a new member, first review watched, very educational. Agree with one other that it would be good to let us know where this prices out vs other competitors and also good to know who are some of its competitors. Cant wait to see more videos like this, thanks a ton!

Greg Rivera
3 years ago

Love penn reels that’s all I use

edward cawley
3 years ago

You spent six minutes clanging all the bells and whistles and never once mentioned the price range, always a bad sign in my shopping experience.Not one of them features will drop a dime in my pocket,if I cannot afford it stays on the shelf.I’d be interested @ under $100…VERY interested @ under $50

Clay Benedix
3 years ago
Reply to  edward cawley

Nope they are more than $100.00.

John Penn
2 years ago
Reply to  edward cawley

My Penn Spinfisher V SSV 7500 reel cost me $145 , I paid $15 shipping ( eBay) and $11.00 tax
This very same reel can run $260 depending on where you purchase. Helluva reel, can land pan fish or a 80 Shark. “ It’s the “s**t “,,, will last a lifetime with simple maintenance like rinsing the sand and salt water off after you finish fishing for the day. It has 6 steel ball bearings and is completely sealed ,, so none of the elements can penetrate the gears or mechanism . ALL PENN REELS ARE BUILT WITH THIS CONVICTION,, don’t go out and spend $70 and have to replace that scandalous reel in a year or two,, invest in your fishing gear a little, you won’t be sorry.

Stu Oliver
3 years ago

I grew up on Penn reels of all kinds and “inherited” all of my Dad’s fishing gear. In fact I still use one of the Penn Spinfisher reels that was my Dad’s favorite. That reel has to be over 30 years old. So I am very partial to Penn reels for sentimental reasons as well as their durability. I don’t need another spinning reel, but when has that ever stopped someone from buying another one? After watching Mark’s review, I’ll be adding a Spinfisher VI to the reel collection.

John Semper
3 years ago

Excellent review Penn reels are built like tanks use and rinse for years of dependable service.I own several Penn 650 and 750 reels that I’ve used and abused for years and still get the job done.

Gerald Dexter
3 years ago

Well, I like Penn, they are a great reel!!!


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