Weekly Newsletter: 12-20-20

It’s Newsletter time!

Christmas is this week — can you believe it?!

To help you find some extra presents under the (mangrove) tree this year, we’ve got a ton of awesome fishing tips in this week’s newsletter, including:

  • A battle for the best scent to put on your lures
  • The best way to make your lures weedless (and quit snagging trees and rocks)
  • Penn fishing reel reviews
  • How to release big redfish and snook (and make fishing even better in the future)
  • And more

Check them out below!

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Fish Scent Battle (Pro-Cure vs New Custom Inshore Scent)

Do you use Pro-Cure? In this video, we're pitting Pro-Cure against an up-and-coming contender and the results were not what we expected!
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BULL REDFISH: How To Properly Release (Plus What NEVER To Do)

Are you making these deadly mistakes when releasing big fish? Learn how to safely handle them so they can swim off healthy and reproduce.
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Penn Spinfisher VI Review: Pros, Cons, And Updates

Looking for a tough, new spinning reel? The Penn Spinfisher has a fully sealed spool and gearbox, plus a great system. However, it also...
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How To Sight Fish Redfish On The Flats With DEAD SHRIMP

Want to catch more redfish while sight fishing? These tips helped me catch several nice redfish last week, even when they wouldn't touch...
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How To Make A DIY Jig Box (For Bucktails, Flair Hawks & Pre-Rigged Jigs)

Need a box to store your bucktails, flair hawks, and pre-rigged jigs? This foam-lined DIY jig box is perfect for keeping these lures...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [Dec 19th-21st]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the...
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Post Cold Front Trend Comparisons [Insider Fishing Report]

This trip report will be comparing trends when it comes to fishing right after a cold front, and fishing a few days after it passes...
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Weed Guards vs. Weedless Hooks: Best Way To Rig Lures Weedless

Want to rig your lures weedless? Here are two options: using a hook with a weed guard or skin hooking a lure. Check out the pros and cons of...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [12-17-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log 0:00:45 – Using heavier jig heads to...
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Introduction To Saltwater Fly Fishing Lines For Beginners

Fly fishing lines can be especially complex and intimidating to the beginner who is just getting into fly fishing. The amount of options can be...
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Unboxing The Toadfish Multi-Action 3-Piece Travel Rod

Looking for a new travel rod? This rod is unique because you can customize it to have different power and action by changing the middle and...
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Water Temps and Winter Inshore Fishing [Spot Dissection – Panama City, FL]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing water temps for winter inshore fishing and how to find ideal spots. The area shown as an...
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Top 5 Worst Fish Handling Mistakes (Avoid These)!

Fishermen are making these mistakes all the time, but they're really easy to fix! They include, using the wrong hooks, holding them by the...
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What Non-Christians Are Saying About Christians…

The Christian report card is in... and it's not pretty. Listen in to here what the non-christians think about Christians...
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Strong Angler of the Week: Brian Demo

Talk about slaying it in the surf! Check out this fun story of Michael and his daughter's surf fishing trip, where they...
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