How To Sight Fish Redfish On The Flats With DEAD SHRIMP


It’s sight fishing time!

There’s just something special about sneaking up on a fish, pitching a bait to them, and then watching them smash it…

In this video, I’m going to show you how I’ve been sight casting lots of nice redfish with fresh dead shrimp.

Fresh dead shrimp are cheaper than live shrimp, more effective than frozen shrimp, and I even had a fish turn it’s nose up multiple times to my lure, then finally eat the shrimp when I pitched it to him.

Check out the video below to see how you can catch fish this way, too.

Sight Fishing Redfish With Shrimp [VIDEO]

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Gear used:

What Type Of Shrimp To Use

When it comes to shrimp (or any natural bait), here’s a saying to remember: “fresh is best!”

In this video, I was using fresh dead shrimp.

These are shrimp that die in the livewells at bait shops overnight.

They put them in baggies the next morning and sell them for cheaper than the live shrimp.

Note that these aren’t frozen shrimp.

There are fresh dead shrimp and I fish them just like I would a shrimp lure.

Live shrimp also work well, but I try to avoid frozen shrimp when I can.

How To Rig Shrimp

When I’m rigging shrimp, I first pinch off the tail.

This allows for extra scent to get dispersed into the water, as well as making it easier to rig.

Once the tail is off, I’ll put the hook through the hole where the tail used to be and then bring it out of the top of the shrimp.

As far as the jig head goes, I like to use a jig head with a flat bottom, like these Mission Fishin jig heads.

The flat bottom allows the shrimp to sit upright when it’s resting on the bottom in the water, which makes it look more natural.

How To Sight Fish For Redfish

The first rule of sight fishing is to move slowly and be quiet.

If you spook them off, you have virtually no chance of catching them.

The next rule of sight fishing is to always have a rig ready to pitch to the fish.

You might only see them for a few seconds, so have that shrimp hooked up and ready to go.

And finally, if you see a fish you need to anticipate where they’re going and cast accordingly.

You don’t want to bonk them on the head, but you also don’t want to cast so far ahead of them that they’ll never see your bait.


four spot redfish

Sight fishing for redfish is my favorite way to fish, and using a fresh shrimp is an excellent choice of bait.

You don’t need to work it any specific way, you just need to get it in front of the fish’s face and let them find it themselves.

Have any questions about sight fishing for redfish with shrimp?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to get better at sight fishing for redfish, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Art Courchesne
2 years ago

I’m surprised your shadow didn’t spook the fish.

Jean Long-Thomason
2 years ago

Great use for yesterdays shrimp.

2 years ago

Great Video!! Really enjoyed it as well as learned a new way to rig that slippery shrimp!

John Haines
2 years ago

Because of the non availability of TFO rods, I’m considering buying a couple of Falcon coastal XG med rods, and would like your input on these rods.

John Haines
2 years ago

Good morning Tony
In what area are you making most of your videos? Have you done any sight dissections of Jupiter inlet/ Loxahatchee river to Hobe Sound area?

Larry Fox
2 years ago

Nice video, Tony, as always! Thanks.

Gerald Dexter
2 years ago

Another great video, Thanks Tony

Anthony Aultman
2 years ago

Great job, nice fish

Rob S
2 years ago

Another excellent teaching video. Like your to-the-point, time efficient presentations! Merry Christmas and a fish prosperous New Year.

Jim Lovell
2 years ago

Great video!!!


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