How To Plan An Epic Venice, Louisiana, Fishing Trip


Thinking about planning a Venice, Louisiana, fishing trip?

From bull redfish to yellowfin tuna, Venice is a fisherman’s paradise.

However, it’s also a very remote area with deceptive waters, so it can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

In this video, we’ve got Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson from, who guides in Louisiana a few months out of every year, breaking down how to safely plan a fishing trip here.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare your equipment before taking the trip
  • What NOT to do when going to Venice
  • Where to stay
  • How to safely navigate Venice waters (they’re always changing)
  • And much more

If you’re thinking about planning a trip to fish Venice, Louisiana, check out the video below.

How To Plan A Venice, LA Fishing Trip [VIDEO]

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The best way to have a good time in Venice is to hire a guide and stay at a local lodge.

That way, you don’t need to worry about finding fishing spots, navigating unfamiliar waters, or handling equipment emergencies.

However, if you’re a DIY kind of person and you really want to drag your boat all the way down to Venice, here are some things to keep in mind:

Be prepared

Venice is no man’s land.

There’s spotty cell service, limited tackle shops, and you can’t rely on Sea Tow to rescue you right away if your boat breaks down.

Make sure your trailer is in good condition (tires, rims, bearings, spares, lights, etc), make sure your boat is in good shape (everything is tuned up and batteries are good to go), and make sure you have all the fishing tackle you need.

Obey the law

The harvesting rules are always changing, so if you do decide to keep fish, make sure you’re in compliance with the current harvesting rules.

Also, if you’re from another state, you’ll need to get a Louisiana recreational fishing license.

If you decide to do charter work, make sure to get a charter license, check your insurance, and ensure all your paperwork is up to date.

To get a fishing license and see the most up-to-date rules, check out Louisiana’s wildlife and fisheries website here.

Where to stay

There are several motels, lodges, and houseboats to stay on in Venice.

You can find houseboats on VRBO, find lodges on Google, or stay at Cypress Cove Marina where we were.

Navigate the water responsibly

The water in Louisiana is dirty, so you can’t navigate by sight because you can’t see depth changes (Capt. Hollywood has run into his fair share of surprise sand bars).

To help you navigate, get a third-party chip of satellite overlay (Capt. Hollywood recommends Florida Marine Tracks or Standard Mapping).

Also, buy a post-Katrina paper chart just in case.


Venice is a great place to fish.

Luke and I love going up there every year and catching 40-pound bull redfish with Capt. Hollywood.

However, if you’re going to go up there, just make sure to do your research before.

Make sure all your equipment (including your boat, trailer, and fishing gear) is in good condition, make sure you’re following the rules, and be prepared with charts, satellite maps, and a GPS for navigation.

But if you’d rather hire a guide (in the Florida Keys or Venice), you can reach out to Capt. Hollywood at

Have any questions about fishing in Venice?

Let us know in the comments below.

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George Layton
4 years ago

Straight forward & TRUE TO THE WORD information for fishing in the Bayous of Louisiana. I absolutely love fishing there for the Bulls,Specks, & when you hook into one the hardest fighters around, BIG Jacks will give you ALL you want & then some. Your Drag will SCREAM !!! PLAN AHEAD as Capt. HOLLYWOOD says, in order to have a fishing trip of a lifetime !!!!!!! P.S. When he says there is little to no cell service & NO Towboat USA services….HE AIN’T LYIN’ FOLKS !!!!


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