The UNBREAKABLE Fishing Knot – PR Bobbin Knot [Free PDF Guide]


PR Bobbin Knot

We couldn’t believe it when Captain Dylan Hubbard first told us that the PR Bobbin Knot has 100 percent knot strength… but so far it’s proven to be true.

The PR Bobbin Knot is the only fishing knot guaranteed to hold up 100 percent of the time (assuming you tie it correctly like Joe from Dogfish Tackle shows you below).

What does 100% knot strength mean?

It means that your fishing line — braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament — will break before the PR Bobbin Knot will (100% of the time).

Capt. Dylan says this is the ultimate knot for braid to leader connections and is unrivaled in its strength.

Its an offshore angler’s dream and will hold up against the biggest fish out there.

That being said, this is not the simplest knot to tie. It takes practice and a bobbin tool to properly tie it.

It’s also best to tie the PR Bobbin Knot the night before your fishing trip.

We created this article to be the ultimate tutorial for the PR Bobbin Knot.

To do this, we created a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD with the full guide on how to tie the PR Bobbin Knot.

Free PR Bobbin Knot Guide [PDF]

Get the two page PDF guide showing the core steps of the PR Bobbin Knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE!


We also teamed up with Capt. Dylan and Joe from Dogfish Tackle to create a video tutorial on exactly how to tie the PR Bobbin Knot.

What You’ll Need To Tie The PR Bobbin Knot

Bobbin for the PR Bobbin Knot

You need to make sure you have the following items to tie this knot.

What you’ll need:

  1. Bobbin – This is a small tool (pictured above) that loads the tag end of your mainline up onto the tool in order to make the wraps you need to tie the PR Bobbin Knot. The bobbin helps you keep line tension during the tying process.
  2. Mainline – You need a large amount of mainline tag end to spool onto your bobbin for the knot.
  3. Leader Line –  You need a large spool of leader line to attach to the mainline for this knot.

The bobbin is necessary for this knot and can be found at most tackle shops – especially those that cater to offshore anglers.

Bobbin prices range from about $25-80.

Note: If you don’t like to use knots that require tools, then be sure to learn the FG knot if you want to maximize the strength of your braid to mono/fluoro connections.

How To Tie The PR Bobbin Knot [Video Tutorial]

In this video, Capt. Dylan and Joe from Dogfish Tackle show you how to tie the PR Bobbin Knot and what you’ll need to do it.

Just wait until you see how tight this knot gets!

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CLICK HERE to see a great tutorial showing how to tie the FG knot that was referenced in the video as the strongest knot that can be tied while out on the water without any needed tools.

Free PR Bobbin Knot Guide [PDF]

Get the two page PDF guide showing the core steps of the PR Bobbin Knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE!



pr bobbin knot


If you’re looking for the absolute strongest line-to-line knot in the game, the PR Bobbin Knot is your best choice.

Although it is intricate and takes some practice to tie, it won’t let you down and will give you the best chance possible at landing a trophy fish of any size.

For the best results, tie this knot the night before your trip. This knot can be very difficult to tie once you’re on the boat, especially offshore while bartering with big swells.

If tied properly, this knot will not fail you.

If you’re looking for other fishing knots – such as the best terminal connection knots, loop knots and more – click here to see our fishing knots strength ranking page.

If you have any questions about the PR Bobbin Knot or how to tie it, let us know in the comments below… we’re here to help you!

Tight Lines!

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P.S. – Be sure to share this post with any of your fishing friends and tell them that this knot is the strongest fishing knot there is!

Free PR Bobbin Knot Guide [PDF]

Get the two page PDF guide showing the core steps of the PR Bobbin Knot so you can always have it on hand if you need it… it’s 100% FREE!


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jimmy brownlee
1 month ago

Yall think the Knotter Assist GT/FG/PR Knot Knotting Machine Fishing Bobbin Winder Knot Device would work to tie this?

2 months ago

What about the PDF guide? no link

Andy M
2 years ago

This is a great knot but considering it’s showing up as just 3-5 percent stronger than the much easier to tie FG, I will use the latter. Unless you’re fishing 30+ lb of drag on your 80 lb leader, knot strength between FG or PR is a moot point. Love your show guys!

3 years ago

Can you tie a pr bobbin from 15lb braid to 20lb fluro

5 years ago

My biggest issue with this knot is how do you make sure that you don’t burn the braid but also make sure you get a rounded end to the leader?
In the video, it almost looks like he harmed the braid with the flame. The Bouz line cutter is better than a regular lighter. I usually like to use hollow core for 100% but need to switch back to solid for braids below 40lb test.

Captain Tom
5 years ago

Double uni works fine .quick and easy. I can tie a double uni in 30 seconds.

Luke Simonds
5 years ago
Reply to  Captain Tom

Yes, the double uni knot is a good option. If you’re using braid and are connecting it to a stronger leader, then I recommend giving the FG knot a try because it tested out to be over 30% stronger than the double uni in our testing. And after some practice, it can be tied in under a minute. Here’s a link for more info in case interested:

5 years ago

Fly fisherman have been doing this for years, nothing new here guys. The conventional fisherman finally catching on lol

5 years ago

There we go….. something you said could not be done… a 100 % fishing knot.

Have been using and testing this knot for 2 years and here are some suggestions that differ some what from the video but are proven to be a better path to travel.
1… no need to spend $30 to 80$ for a bobbin. Just go to your local or internet fly tying shop and purchase a fly tying bobbin. About 5 bucks. Get the one with the ceramic insert in the end of the tube, it work better. Also buy a spool of fly tying thread as you need a spool to attach the spectra to , it is a separate purchase. about 3 bucks. To get the tension wrap the line around the wire leg 3 X . Then proceed as normal as in the video.
2… After tying the half hitches at the end of the wrap use cinching tools to tighten the knot down. Pull really hard as hard as you can. . This will cinch the knot down and is important as it is of the FG lot and for the same reasons. Then do the Rizotto finish as it shows in the Video. No Need to burn the mono or the spectra but would recommend to put a drop of Tac Glue or Super glue on the rizzoto just as insurance.

The key is a very tight wrap with the bobbin the tighter the wrap the stronger the knot. And at lest 15 wrap up with the spectra on the leader material.

Have tested this PR knot at least 50 times …. it is the best,,,,, better then the FG. But the FG knot is you 2nd best choice.

My suggestions for your considerations,

John C
5 years ago

May be I am just slow… set my drag at 25 to 50% of line strength, do I need a 100% strength knot ?? FG knot is quick and easy; do I want to spent fishing time tying a knot on a moving boat ? I am getting sea sickness just thinking about this knot…. Fish on, what’s my knot ??
Do love ur Show and Tells.

Paul Sloop
5 years ago

I just want to meet the brain surgeon on this. How do they come up with these is amazing.


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