What Effect Do Prevailing Winds Have On Fish Behavior?


What is the impact of prevailing winds on fish patterns and behavior?

Is it negligible enough to gloss over and ignore?

The truth is prevailing winds might have a greater effect on fish behavior than you might think!

Check this out!!

Prevailing Winds

Whether you fish in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, or other states, this same theory will hold true.

During the wintertime, typical fishing practice is to find wind-protected shorelines.

Areas that are muddy bottom in shallow water that can be easily warmed up are areas to take notice of as well.

Fish will sit along wind-protected shorelines for warmth and cover from the cold.

It is important to take into account prevailing winds because you can predict where it might be favorable to fish.

Prevailing winds are winds that have been blowing in the same direction for a number of days.

By staying up to date on wind patterns, you can predict what locations look like promising fishing spots when winds shift.

Fish and baitfish will stack up along wind-protected shorelines to feel comfortable and attempt to stabilize temperatures.

Prevailing Winds [VIDEO]

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Prevailing winds have a major impact on fish patterns and behaviors that can help you predict where the fish may be.

Make sure to monitor wind patterns and choose to fish protected shorelines where fish are going to be stacked up.

And if you are unsure of fishing at a particular location, get on satellite maps and find favorable shorelines for fishing!

Do you have any more questions on the impact of wind?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Wyatt Parcel
11 months ago

Awesome tip Pat! A lot of folks forget to factor in winds… but they’re a huge influencer for where fish choose to feed!

daniel southward
11 months ago

funny aint it , when i fish a estury pretty regular ,i know the channels and holes but have never taken the wind into account other than how it would suit me , this is another great tip an education thanks much , from little ole New Zealand

frank marinucci
11 months ago

Great video. I live in the Carolina’s which have large tidal swings. How critical is wind protection and prevailing winds in these areas. You note in your video the south winds kept filling the first creek with cold water which you should have avoided. With large tide swings here, I assume the creeks get filled up with cold water each tide swing….. Do the winds have as much impact here or should we focus more on water depth i.e. deep bends even if windy after the front?



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